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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ The Game, Shawnna
Album:  Back to the Traphouse
Song:   I Might Be
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Geah! So Icy Entertainment CEO speaking

[Sh] Is you rollin? {*4X*}
[GM] Bitch I might be {*4X*}
[Sh] Girl he geeked up {*4X*}
[GM] Bitch I might be {*4X*}
[GM] Yaaaaahhh!

[Gucci Mane]
East Atlanta slum man is where I come from
Pass that bubble thrax and put this bean on your tongue
Now everything was gravy 'til yo' bitch came in
'Bout the same time that that thang kicked in
Now she ain't really pretty but she got a nice body
I'm geeked up thinkin this Buffy the Body
Ain't yo' name lil' Trina cause you look like Janet Jackson
I'm on three double stacks and I'm lookin for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I love the way you flowin
Ridin in my drop but I don't know where I'm goin
On 285 I keep ridin in a circle
The inside of my ride smellin like a pound of purple
"Gucci show time!" Give me five mo' minutes
and a cold orange juice cause I'm really really trippin
Went to the strip club and requested "I'm the Man"
The next thang you know I was throwin rubber bands


[The Game]
Bitch I might be hyphy
I'm from California and these might be Nikes
Come and run up on 'em nigga I wear yo' size, you wear my size
I got a big Mac, let's make french fries
I'm high as a plane, pop a pill disappear like David Blaine
Come back on the track, with Gucci Mane
I got ten pills, ten hoes, I'ma run a choo-choo train
All through Atlanta my new nickname is Coochie Game
I don't let 'em swallow, I show 'em how to use it mayne
Wa-da-tay my day we make 'em sell they +Pootie Tang+
You got some bad bitches I suggest you do the same
Treat my hoes like my cars drop 'em then blow they brains
Wash 'em up then blow they brains
If she swallow the whole bat and the ball she can roll with Game
I been a +Soulja Boy+, niggaz know the name
I +Superman+ that hoe, and call her +Lois Lane+


[Gucci Mane]
Gucci Mane, Laflare nigga get your mind right
Order Crist' by the twelve like a case of Bud Light
Sell kush by the bell so you know my shit tight
7:30 in the mornin on an all night flight
I'm high like Fabo, hood like Shawty
So +Tell Me Where to Go+ like my name E-40
Like a rich rock star nigga I'm gon' party
Got a party pack of pills that's at least 'bout 40
I'll pour 'em in your hand like a bag of jelly beans
Take two of these pills call me in the morning
Fifty thousand pills man I'm so real
Three dollars for a pill that's a damn good deal


[Outro] + Shawnna
YAHHHH! (Yeah, yeah, it's ya girl Shawnna)
(Gucci Mane! Holla at all my coochie girls)
(So Icy Entertainment, yahhhhh)