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Artist: Gumz
Album:  From Fetus to Genius
Song:   Cold Blooded
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, uh, what? Yo
I'm a fucking axe murderer
Battle raps turning your stomach
I've only just begun to bring the punish in
Wondrous cats spells like a sorcerer
Fortunate I gotta get with words just like an author, it's a slaughter
Uh, it's torturous to mix the Chinese and water
You get the same reaction if you mix the Gumz with your daughter
Uh, mission impossible, Gumz is unstoppable
Quiver into the fat lady singing in the Opera
I'm dropping you on your head like bad mothers
And smother you under covers, father should of used the rubber
It's over, the closer; I carry one in the holster
And finish over the victims like a military soldier
'Cause I'm cold blooded

(Chorus) Gumz X2
Declare war on the Republic
    Cold blooded
I'm along side my brothers
    Cold blooded
I was born to be a fighter
    Cold blooded
No matter what I'm a survivor
    Cold blooded

Yo, my shit is tight just like my grip on the mic
I've been rhyming since before the time when they had a knife
You want a fighter, join the revolution
My solution is to put a stop to the backwards evolution of the game
Battle bruising thesauri the name
You traded off fame and fortune and I'm saying the same
I blame it on my brain; I process information on a higher plane
I see through fake illusion every fame
And all the whips and chains, fuck it
I make the duck its, but I do it my own way
I never sell my talent out so someone could own me
I'm independent 'til the day that I drop
Always underrated, yo my shit never flop
'Cause I'm cold blooded

(Chorus) Gumz X2

Yo, I'm taking over; put my face on a poster
The most ferocious spitter, leave a bit of a taste in your soda
Uh, I'm cold blooded; my brain is flooded with tarantulas
That's so tough to bite; it'll melt you into butter
I'm always listening don't like what I hear
The world just goes to shit; everything is poison to my ears
Yo, I fear the worst that's why I bring you the best
The sole controller of this shit; you know my tongue never rest
I guess that I'm blessed, and to get us out of this mess
I'ma rep it 'til my heart is jumping out of my chest
'Cause I'm cold blooded

(Chorus) Gumz X2

(Outro) Gumz
Fucking cold blooded, its fucking murder
Gumz, what?