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Artist: Gumz
Album:  From Fetus to Genius
Song:   New Era
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) Gumz
It's time to re-up, Gumz is the new persona
You don't want drama, bad karma, sick like suicide bombers
I light a path to a new era, metaphor's wet
Clever rappers get your head severed

Feel the darkness, for starters, Gumz flow is fucking heartless
Spare not a soul of the pain fucking carnage
I'm a whore child with a raw style
Brutalize a rhyme like a lost tribe
Toss lives in the trash, fucking burial ass
No class, in a class of my own, too brash
Yo I ain't cocky, but y'all are too sloppy
Ever single verse I heard is bubble gum poppy
Yeah it sells records but also your soul
A million dollar dance with the Devil is the toll
So if your goal is to trade the respect
Just for a check in return then I'm turning your neck
You learning it yet? Burning the deck
I'm the certain the best
Word on the streets said I'm hurting the set

(Chorus) Gumz X2

When it comes to the game, I survive like the Predator
In it for longevity, come back like a creditor
Got a vendetta, against the cheddar driven game
Imagine this today, mothafucka y'all said it
I've tried to dead it, the shit is a phase
The crave for that down South shit about to change
'Cause Hip-Hop doesn't live in the South
It started in New York; let's bring it back to the house
That Ruth built, with that grimy ass gutter rap
Makes me so mad so I hope I didn't stutter that
I spit the butter rap, fucking weight gainer
After every verse I need a personal trainer

(Chorus) Gumz X2

(Outro) Gumz
What? Gumz, mothafucka fire lungs
Nebula on the track, what?
It's a new era