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Artist: Gumz f/ Killah Priest
Album:  From Fetus to Genius
Song:   Shall I Continue?
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Priest
Yeah Gumz, Priest, (Yeah), uh, Mo Man, it's like the snowman
Yeah, Priest, yo Gumz whatup? Uh yeah

[Killah Priest]
I wear black rosary beads, crumbled cash and trades
Four clover leaves, sprinkling water to Catholic prey
There's a massive grave of the rappers I've slained
I light candles on that Sabbath day
I slash my prey across their necks like the symbol of a hex'
Enter the temple when I walk up the steps
All of us tremble, who is next? My mental is vexed
The Priest winged lord is vengeful to death
The 8 Diagrams show you how to divide a man
Chop off his mother's arm; he tried to hide his hands
Priest the Saint, majestic ruler, paint oppression
Go Guerilla like I'm from Cuba, I'm still the future
Cemeteries get fed when I spread my lead
Not from shots, but the number two pencil
Or what have you, got into, the evil that men do
The best of women they sent to
Life is so simple; I bring it in through the streets
Shall I continue? Priest

Yo, yeah, yeah, I am a Prophet, God's #1, you're just a novice
Bald head, non-attract shit, that's a promise
I bomb sonic dropping faster than a comet
Attract or beg for mercy if I'm about to get upon it
I'm a blessing, directly from the Angels in the Heavens
Knocking down the gate, you ready for the Resurrection?
Inhale air; exhale an infection, on any selection
I'll upper-cut you to the mid-section
Of weapon or wordsmith, get any herbs sick
By letting these words into your mind and its numbness
Dumb shit sells record, fucking go that route
Get stabbed through the neck with a hole in your mouth
Down South clone rap, going to get your phone tapped
With the short lived fiend, about to take a long nap
I spread kill from the East to the hills
I'ma beast on the steel faced, call it free will
Yo, he's ill, that's what they've been telling me
Spoke on the beat that's close to a felony
A melody adds sick fucking word play
Herbs lay down in the streets fucking all day

(Chorus) Gumz X2
Shall I continue? Murder track mental
Send back what've I learned, burn down the rap temple
Build it back up with knowledge itself
Just a flesh wound, next move, honor is dealt

Yo, I stay focused
And I provide some of the dopest material out there
So mothafucka take notice, rhyme chain smoker
Words are like a flame-thrower
Every time I press on the paper, it's game's over
And I stay sober like anonymous, prominent
Mind is hot like fever thermometers
My speech is liquid like the ink in this pen
If you believe you're on my level then you're dumber than them
Spit the poisonous venom, crystallize lyrics with vicious
And victimize the world with visionary spirits
I'm the purest thing living, like water from a well
Half good, half evil, split the heaven and the hell
You're just looking to sell
And I'm looking to yell at you for doing it
This shit is a gift why are you trying to ruin it?
So quit pursuing it, before you make a fool of yourself
And every single dude the game has influenced

(Chorus) X4

Priest:  Yeah, Gumz, Mo Man, uh
Gumz:    (Killah Priest, Gumzilla, 2007 shit)
Priest:  The moment is ending, The Offering is coming