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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   Like a Diamond
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

Written in my own world from my own view spoken like who chose you?
Minus a plus addded to equal out a balance with the fabric that I came up with,true spit
Few make across a few slip, life's a dice roll
with more 6's than 45th's, I wish is just a statement for a well
Sitting like the fishes at the bottom of a cell
feeling like the taste of air's the closest view to hell
when your seeing it from personal parrallels,well..
I guess that I should tell you
a work that's worth a purpose always comes with a failure
And even though I've taken L's to make ends meet and suffer from thin sleep
At the end of the day. I remember me
Rocking like it was meant to be and the nikes on my feet make my cipher complete

Deep like the shining sparkle like a diamond,feeling like the stars in the sky when I'm rhyming....

Aint above it all but a brother still flying!!
Grab the pen and the pad at the crib skribing cause that's what my life is..
In thought penning sharpening steele, the builds got a carpenters feel
T-squared compared to none in this field
Living life real, fighting wars swinging a sword
with no shield what's a scar you can't feel?
Tribute to the hero's that never made the mural
out of this world in plurals my mirror
few have a clue that could cue to an idea!
Clearly missing the picture that's so near
Driven by the spirit you hearing it like lyrics
I'm building like lifting from sitting it right here
positioned from a prism that pilots the skies clear!
In tune to the music that I'm hearing aspiration preparing inspiration is in it
Tales of a man augmented but so authentic humbled indifferent!