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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   Mackey's Lament
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

Been at this for a whole damn hour
Trying to find a way to get the money and the power
Everybody I knows got weed or got powder but I aint got either just got a lot of demons
The room down the hall way where every single dream lived turned into a wall where I couldn't reach at all
Boxes of alcohol leaned up against the walls, like statues she praised daily like gods
Her head would nod as she walked out the room where the blood left a stain on the pillow since June
Shaking in the middle of the night trying to stay asleep
But every time she takes a drink her eyelids start to blink
She starts to think about the pain that's life causes,the gains,the strain from life's fortunes
Drowning in a pool of regret
While losing life's light from her glimpse
With each sip
Used to have a grip on vices but ran into a crisis and now she pays the price for that shit
Guilt's eating her guts and she can't get a grip
All she could do is tap a brew and take a sip
She used to able to make sense of shit that aint make sense but now all she do is take sips
Up to the point she sips till she can't sip
The pain be to much to bare she can't drink shit!!