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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Killah Priest
Album:  Black Presidents, Vol. 1
Song:   Maccabee House (Premix)
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Killah Priest]
You know my name is Priest Maccabeus
Razahsance Maccabeus, Ambassador Maccabeus
You heard when you see it?

[Killah Priest]
As the night gets passed with darkness
My whole hood becomes a forest
Cops are like prehistoric wolves and Torontosaurus
Move slow like the tarantula comin out a carcus
Then I jet through my projects like a T-Rex
Squeeze Tecs at neanderthal and leap up steps
With the Black Panther's claw, I swing around realms
Heart racin, know I'm bound for jail
Will I make it to the rooftop? I don't know, time will tell
It's Roswell in these hood streets, murderers dwell
Unidentified flying objects come from a revolver's cartridge
Niggaz lyin in the pavement, face disfigured like they're monsters
There's no honor amongst the thieves, the cops, the feds
It's the grief, the thilla, cut the block they're dead
I reach for the nine milla, the shots just spread like webs
From the widow spider, feel the chills from the realest writer
With no heart, beyond ink I will shoot my dart

[Chorus X2: Hell Razah]
It's the Maccabeez/Maccabee House
Be careful of the doors you open
Cuz it might be ya casket closin

[Hell Razah]
We got it locked like the Solomon's key, obviously
The fruit don't fall, too far from the tree
So my seeds'll be a prophet like me
Before they grow into a Maccabee
Surrounded by snakes and phalacies
Laid the leaves at the speed of an owl, wrote novels
And send for the heads of Bush and Colin Powells
I rest on the thirteeth floor with the broken elevators
My mind be as vivid as John the revelator
Call me Razah the Renaissance, the Icon, Polaroid
Build with the killas that's broke and unemployed
I ain't tryin to go feminine to sell like Eminem
I'm 8 Miles ahead of 'em, blowin the breath at 'em
My weapons by biochemical, I ain't gimickal
You dealin with the future of the cyber-criminals
2010, more goons movin in
Men came from the womb so we soon die in sin
I'm a room in the room, don't turn my doorknob
I ain't St. Valentine but I'm still a heart throb
It's the Renaissance Child, replace the art they rob
I don't place it on the walls now I place it in bars

[Chorus X2]