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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Beretta 9, Killah Priest
Album:  Black Presidents, Vol. 1
Song:   What Gangstaz Do
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest (Hell Razah)]
Uh, yeah, uh, uh, yeah, yeah (That's just what us gangstas do)
Don't talk about it, but be about it
Priest, uh, Hell Razah, uh, yo (That's just what us gangstas do)
4th Disciple, the resistence starts now, baby (That's just what us gangstas do)
Yeah... the resistence starts here, let's get into this shit, yo, yo

[Killah Priest]
We shed tears at funerals, the usual
Black suits, gat shoots off, niggas duckin'
Behind cars, killas go to jail and find God
We grind hard in these streets, while dope addicts
Nod off that leak, shit is deep
Sometimes I hop out my sleep, poppin' my heat
Veins in my eyes from no rest, I'm so stressed
Everynight I wake up in cold sweats, I'm having nighmares
Of the Old West, an Outlaw's ghost talk to me
Could it be Jesse James, spirit returning in flames
I wake up testing my aim...

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
(That's just what us gangstas do)
Accept collect calls from homies that's locked up
Retaliate and you get shot up (That's just what us gangstas do)
Buy guns for ya family tree
And make sure ya'll whole family can eat (That's just what us gangstas do)
Ain't no snitching or no backstabbing
If you ever caught, in the back of the paddy wagon (That's just what how our gangstas move)
Never speaking on the bodies we got
Cuz ain't no telling if you probably a cop (That's just what us gangstas do)

[Hell Razah]
That'll ride any giving sunday, and don't cop out if it's gunplay
Clear niggas with a one minute phone call
Only spend cash when it's necessary, kick ass and can bag any secretary
Ski mask, duct tape, any advisery (that's just how our gangstas move)
For every dollar that I spend, my nigga, get three back
My four-fifth click, it'll knock your knee caps
Pay morgage on a ghetto fortess, got a license for this nine taurus
Bringing dollar signs to our office

[Beretta 9]
All jokes aside, this ain't no Comic View, bitch
Se parle vu France, so please excuse the music
I find myself sane, but any time can lose it
Cuz shit be on my brain and these drugs induce it
And I ain't seek the fame, it's just how I do shit
If you ain't got a clue then how the fuck you lose it?
In love with the white, watch how I seduce it
Talented, kid, I write, and arrange, produce it
You see me coming through, you best to move it, stupid
Microwave style, two minutes, I lose it
You can foil it, spoil it, no bud, no toilet
Touch it, play with it, fondle it, don't toy with it
Many questions, mad assumptions
Am I G.O.D., do I, study my lessons
Is this nigga real, or is a, nigga just fronting
I don't give a flying, get to ducking
These here left blows or right blows, elbows and low blows
Can't dance, but I got flows, love girls, I can't stand hoes
But I know a few, want stories, I got those
Long ones, or short ones, and my list goes
Skinny ones, fat ones, white ones, and black ones
Indian and Asians, Spanish one and Haitian
Don't forget about the mixed one, getting confused
They just needed some directions, stop the hating

[Hell Razah]
I injure players like Ray Lewis, vestes spray through it
Get mad cash like I'm half Jewish
I only spit that embambing fluid, be on the con, do it
Getting sucked off to calm music
Move units like Rod Stewart, drop bombs to it
The undisputed rap Joe Lewis
My heart cold like eskimos, I give ya chest some holes
And let you air out them extra flows
Bank account need extra O's, fuck extra hoes
It's more stress that'll test my soul