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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Killah Priest, Timbo King
Album:  Hell Hop, Vol. 1
Song:   Celeb G's
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Hell Razah (Timbo King) {Killah Priest}]
Uh.. Maccabeez Ridaz... (M's up)
Smoke that weed... (Buddha ya background)
{Yeah} (It's Killah Priest) {Right here)
(Hell Razah, Timbo King) {Yo yo... what you feel like?}

[Timbo King]
Yo we might look like the type to smoke Phillies
Drink with the big Willies, what's really hood?
See me with my project teams, associated
To the bartender to send more wine, got more money on my mind
M's up, gotta ride for my homies inside, know it's lonely inside
A fetish for that green lettuce, no tomatoes
Trips to Barbados, Caribbean sands
Maccabeez, yeah you heard of my fam
We the chosen, Begets frozen, King Solomon jewels
Squeeze the rose from the garden of love, my sweet nectar
This is just a part of my thug, I gotta sex ya
Between the sheets, now it's back to the streets
Cuz I'm a ladies man, an eighties fan
I'm 'bout to spent eighty grand on baby's hand
And that's nothing, it's Maccabeez Internash

[Chorus: Timbo King]
When we step up in the club everybody's eyes on we
The DJ's shouting out our name, we them top celebri-G's
All the ladies looking good, from their head straight down to their feet
We them thugs that throw them slugs, screaming out we're Maccabeez

[Killah Priest]
Rest ya head on the shoulder a soldier
Right with me, this cool world getting colder, it's over
Potion to the troubled times, and I'm going, drawing loops to the day
Cuz I'm out on the grind, can't you see that I love ya mind?
And ya body from behind, you could see what I want
where the Sun don't shine, I could teach ya how to load these shells
Or I'd rather be on the beach walking next to seashells
Very versatile, I could make it worth ya while
Ride with me, we can enjoy the lights of the city
Can I hit that from the back? Slide up in ya like the clip in my gat
I love the way that you sip on that 'gnac
And I need ya, you need to get with this Mac
You say I'm too militant, I say you're too innocent
The world is cruel and ignorant...


[Hell Razah]
What up ma'? You looking righteous
You bring life to the dead like you blessed with the body of Isis
Give me ya hand, they ain't tell you I'm psychic?
Huh? Read minds and could tell a few price lists
We on the grind 'til they cut on that light switch
And got chicks hopping up in that white six
Banana clips if ya feeling you might trip
Homies who don't slip get rich and be easy
We on the grind in here with Febreezy
Y'all ho's wanna be where The Maccabeez be
We turn the bar into V.I.P.
She wanna fuck after B.I.G.
Out the club with me, love access from N.Y.C.
I told her go and get a college degree
before she ever want to swallow my seeds
or get a dollar from me, I'm a Maccabee G, baby

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

[Hook x2: Killah Priest]
Tuck ya jewelry, fuck security
Tuck ya jewelry... cuz it might get snatched

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

[Outro: Killah Priest (Timbo King)]
The camera's still on?
Yeah... (that's a hit)
Yeah I know... (that's it!)