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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Heart, Killah Priest, Timbo King
Album:  Hell Hop, Vol. 1
Song:   Power
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Timbo King w/ Heart ad-libbing in background]
Yeah, stab Tony Blair in his chest
Maccabee Ridaz (uh-huh)
Y'all wanna impress the poor?
M's up (uh-huh)
The girl looked somethin' like this... (yeah)

[Timbo King]
From Babylon to Timbuktu we comin' for you
Haters and you play traitors, y'all the world's greatest
Liars on the face of the Earth, it's like facin' ya Old Earth
and tellin' the fam, "Have a seed not a kid"
Seperate the sheep from the goat
On the streets we wear sheepskin coats
Now it's weekend floats
How you want it, the revolver or the semi?
Huey P's spirit in me, I'm drinkin' Henny
We freedom fighters, you know freedom is a fighter
Him and Sonny Carson controllin' the cypher
At the rally, young God, eager to learn
Every corner that you turn, has evil concerned
So I use my imagination
Cuz the best nation is a donation

[Interlude: Timbo King]
We thank everybody for your contributions
Your support...
We're buildin' a Maccabee House
Bo King...

[Chorus: Heart]
Power to the people...
Power to the people who fall behind
Too many souls are on the line
Challenge anything that holds you down
Power to the people, power to the people...
Look at all the others who've gone before
Struggle to the finish to give you more
Hope you realize what we're fightin' for
Power to the people...

[Killah Priest]
Real talk...
I came from the gutters, same as my brothers
We shared ideas like Stevie with both eyes appeared
Inner vision became my system, intuition will kick in
Hype wisdom how we started as friends
Words of true prophets, the way martyrs begin
I swear, on every phrase that I mark with this pen
God is within, our bodies, but still the revolver spins
End depression in the heart of revenge
My teacher said, couldn't read or write
And through the struggle, and the pain, we breathe a life
We flee at night, The Maccabeez we bust at the clouds
An old man stopped us and said we should be aimin' down
We said, "God bless the devils", hex on us, flames around
But our bodies, walk on the angel's grounds
Priest, The Maccabeez, Timbo holds the tablets
Razah's an abbott, set free to all the captives


[Hell Razah]
In this Maccabee Temple, it's Hell Razah, Priest and Timbo
We open up the Benz door, blowin' out endo
Was too deep before now I made it more simple
Like Bill Gates did by creatin' y'all Windows
They still can't see through it, this millenium music
Our interviewers wanna know if we're Jewish
So I study my opponents by their ways and movements
Our names ring bells in the Soviet Union
Like BIG said before, y'all still re-coupin'
We independent salesmen movin' these units
Y'all still payin' rent cuz your label is pimps
Cops wanna know the scent that's behind them tints
You could sit down, relax now, warm the bench
I'm a King so my sons'll be born a Prince
I follow footprints to Heaven so I walk with sense
Like Enoch did, walks on the Brooklyn Bridge

[Chorus x2 w/ adlibs to fade]