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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Fokis, Killah Priest
Album:  Rapid Refund
Song:   Gladiators
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Intro: Gladiator sample]
What we do in life echoes in eternity

[Hell Razah]
A lot of kitties wanna fuck you when that cash is coming
Tell Bush I spit weapons of mass destruction
Niggas spending half their budget on wack production
I was taught have your own dough, don't ask for nothing
And if she over eighteen then her ass is fucking
Karma Sutra, my mind rule her body and soul
More purer than a diamond that come out of that coal
I reload when I hear the drum roll
Kicks and sneers, my mic switch hands like 'Musical Chairs'
You don't know what I do to careers
We the people under the stairs in projects stroking our beards
If I cry, stigmata got blood in my tears
Write a verse on the Vatican wall, I'm grabbing my sword
And ride in the name of the Lord, I clip wires and chords
Too many rappers who be liars and frauds
It's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' when I hold the weapon
It's Razah, I can take you through Hell or Heaven
A living legend young OG raise the oldies
'70's, Isaac Hayes, my eyes look hazed
For them rebels that I love that's inside the graves

[Chorus: Fokis]
Aiyo its on now, niggas better ring the alarm
Stay in your post, better stay strapped with your arms
We coming equipped, spit with the force of a full clip
The impact will pierce then will shatter a brick
You playing for keeps, so we brought it back to the streets
We been grinding long enough, now we ready to eat
Prepare for defeat homie, 'cause we ready to ride
Nigga, la daddy da da da da da da

The beat is my battleground so I'm loaded with cannons
And plenty rounds encase I got to tangle with clowns
Back my man down, you damn right, we lay them on stretchers
Wrap a chord around you niggas like a boa constrictor
With live pressure like a Burmese python
We praised like icons, for real you be slain like Mike on
these best days on a ball court, bury allsorts
Of amateur niggas and ride out with my cohorts
Or silver plated chariots explode inside my Child of Nazareth
But more iller, the Razah's soul, don't call me Lazarus
It's hazardous, rain dishing, blowing in Hell's Kitchen
There's long friction, I'm strapped and got the goons in position
Assume the position, don't make me critical your condition
I cause an expedition when I'm letting off ammunition
Take the pots you piss in just to make a fucking example
I bodily trample your microphone and leave and leave it dismantled
Get broken and smashed into smithereens, my tongue is like a guillotine
The lines will drop a potent gold ray deep in the submarines
We living legends that done mastered the flow
Me, Killah Priest and Hell Razah, now we after that dough


[Killah Priest]
It's animal instinct when the Priest print ink
I go in like a sabre tooth on back of a mammoth
Silverback flow, smack a fucking giraffe to the canvas
The track to me is like deer meat
Komodo Dragon saliva drip from the teeth
See this is the streets, I write it like it's Animal Planet
Prehistoric knives blowing
While I'm look like Hannibal standing
Two flammable cannons will go off
Take out a wall like Robotron
My 'Dead Sea Scrolls' written in cloth
Y'all see the next Holocaust
Be holy road on a horse throwing lighting rods
'Cause your fighting a God
The skies turn black, the moon will blood the Viking your sharks
I slaughter y'all rappers, faster than air fills up your asthma
Act up the plasma will meet you
As your back touch the mattress, I'll destroy
MC's and b-boys, use the DJ as decoys
I heat up the mic to pre-boil
I spit soil like I got bronchitis or a lung virus
We can do this with sixteen or gunfire
I got your thumbs in pliers, this is my year
My block I'm selling, plus I'm the suppliers