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Artist: Hell Razah f/ Killah Priest, Timbo King
Album:  When All Hell Breaks Loose
Song:   Ghetto Government (Remix)
Typed by: ThaMasta@WuLyricz.Com

[Chorus 4X - Hell Razah]
We form the ghetto government
You either hate us or you lovin it
Ghetto government for those who strugglin

[Timbo King]
Yo, ain't nuttin new about the world order
It's been planned since they put George Washington on the quarter
Government funded, approved by US officials
Republicans, Democrats, so many issues
Congress, they make the laws that affect us
No matter what we say/what we do, they disrespect us
Chemical warfare, poison is in the food
Contaminated water, diseases stored in test tubes
Nuclear bombs are set to drop any second
10% got you blind-folded, butt-naked
Oxygen is polluted with toxic fumes
Corporate America got our brothas singin the blues
Democracy don't exist, it's a total diss
That's why it got the police on my shit list
Nova Disorder Seclorum on the dollar bill
Royal Fam strapped, aimin for Capital Hill

[Hook x2 - Killah Priest {*sung*}]
I am king of Bethlehem
We sit upon the throne
Thousands bow before us
This is a story of a fallen kingdom

[Killah Priest]
A full moon glows, light reflects off of my gold
Seven men with Shields of Davids on top of they post
Soft wind blows, breath through my silk blue robe
After I feast, fall asleep between my seven pillows
Feel my eyes close, then a motion picture screen show
See the world like looking through a foggy window
See a large click of thugs, some Crips, some Bloods
Neantha's, Latin kings, broken homes and shattered dreams
They gather in teams around Jacob's Ladder
Set up robots and make them scatter
Cops watch them on they TV cameras
They move in one manner, when they speak, whinos stand up
Throw they hands up and make the cops take off they handcuffs
Other thugs thats crammed up in back of vans and the bus
On their way to Riker's, mind enligthener
It's now lifer, I'm put in ciphers ever since I was put in diapers
Over six million passengers shipped from Africa
After the Jerusalem massacre, since King Solomon we wore lavender
See the David from the slaveships
Now they call us Africans 'cause or skin match with them
But that's a lot of foolish, so they can over rule us


[Chorus 2X]

[Killah Priest]
Meant for you to see, all the things
Ghettos, we global, global, worldwide, nigga

[Hell Razah]
Knights at the square table, share bread at last supper
Lost seek will fulfill the prophecies, suffer
We discuss the proverbs of Soloman's words
Livin in visions of Daniel, revelation dreams
Hebrew kings, choppin off the eagle wings
Second exodus, no more sex, lies, drugs and pestilence
My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
Idol worshippers, blasphemers, thieves and murderers
Adulterers, holdin sexuals in land burglerers
New York City dressed pretty with 'lectricity
Blackout, computers shut down, 2000 assed out
Reset the internet chip, communicatin wit
Gabrielle in a spaceship, from a basement
Apocalypse child, wars any sore playground
Jews and gentles, fed Generation X-Files
Cuz me and wisdom got a loyal marriage
We not Africans, Indians, no we, Arabs

[Chorus 4X]

[Killah Priest]
Show the signs, that make up the strange wonders
Always rise our hand and our right arm
That they may sign, "Bring forth the wonderous works"
Raise up our nation, for our rap
Take away the adversary, destroy the enemy
Make our time short, remember the covenant
Never declare how that wonder there works
Let them escape the tomb by the rage of the fire
And let them that perished, feel oppressed
People, these mics'll stun to the head by the ruler
And they heathen'll say, "There is none other but we"
If we gather all the Tribes of Jacob together
We can inherit unto them as the beginning..
Oh lord.. {*fades*}