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Artist: Hilltop Hoods f/ Chali 2na (Jurassic 5)
Album:  Drinking from the Sun
Song:   Speaking in Tongues
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Another war, another martyr revered
Passing fear from their fathers and it's lasting for years
Bullets don't discriminate the skin colour they pierce
We speak the same language brother, love, laughter and tears
Refugees trading death for a prison
While some base a set of opinions on race, sex or religion
Come on, enough day-to-day stress of just living
without giving a fuck if they're hated just they're different
Let's do it under the name of the love that became lost
Dress it up how you want, we're cut from the same cloth
Scars of hate, frowns stitched to our faces
Can't escape the cage we forge, we've got bars to break
for those living every bit of the struggle
Given to hustle, trying to figure how they fit in the puzzle
And right now we in pieces and peace is the people as one
Till then we're treated like we're speaking in tongues
So here we come

[Chorus 2X: Pressure] + (Suffa)
I am, you are, we are one
We're two sides of the same coin, we drink from the sun
We be the left hand, right hand (right, man?)
But sometimes it seems like we're speaking in tongues
So let me speak on the drum

[Chali 2na]
Media is teaching the young
Debate about belief in the one
can make an eight-year old soldier fall asleep with a gun
While tax man's hands deep in your funds, raping your ones
Money tight like we tweaking the drums, it's like we speaking in tongues
But no book burnings or church sermons
I surf currents, my words burn like a dirt furnace
Confusion leads and anguish sells
But this music succeeds where even language fails
to convey, free honest expression
It's a problem trying to get people to acknowledge progression
My goal is to leave a lasting iconic impression
Controlling crowds like demonic possession, and ain't no time to invest in
biting the hand that created the platform
Attaching pseudo-patriotic crap to rap song
Hoods and 2na try to unify the people as one
And yet we treated like we're speaking in tongues
So here we come

[Chorus 2X]

[Suffa] + (Pressure)
I would never, hate someone for the way that they laying with someone else
(And if you do) the blame comes from the weight of the way that you see yourself
Take some of the weight off your plate by taking the hate away
and then maybe you'll make your way to start loving yourself
Fear's a cancer, logic is a countermeasure
A property that you can't count or measure
I got a problem with people who got a problem with
the way that other people wanna live (that's their prerogative)
No matter how you love, where your prayers are going
The anger's like a drug no matter where you're from
But fuck a redneck checking if your visa's valid
They act like pigs and chickens, I'm sick of Caesar salad
So we seize the mallet, and we swing on the ignorant
Can't speak our language? Then we'll see if you can sing in it
Hoods and 2na try to unify the people as one
and yet we're treated like we're speaking in tongues
So here we come

[Chorus 2X]

[Bridge 2X]
They pick me up just to pull me down
March to different drums, come from all around
It's like we're speaking in tongues
It's like we're speaking in tongues

[Chorus 2X]