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Artist: Hilltop Hoods
Album:  Matter of Time
Song:   Common Streets
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[Chorus: Pressure with Suffa]
It's all the same
Regardless of your rep or your name
Rappers walking in the rain
Try'na state their claim
(I can take the weight, I just take the back pain)
There's much to be gained from the money and fame
(It's like that)
I feel the power when I hear it in the streets
(It's like rap)
Used to be about the lyrics and beats
(Behind that)
Then turned my rythm to commercialism
And now this curb is a prison for us to walk common streets

[Verse 1: Pressure]
Now if my flesh is weak, my passion is my shield
And my strength is my speech in which I'll make men yeild
Cos in this field of expertise man you rappers flex with ease
Using hip-hop as gimmicks in which to gain sex with these
with a joint or a bottle and a picturing posing crew
The only thing I learned is I can only trust a chosen few
I got respect for my crew and love for my home
Never claimed to create a throne from the use of microphones
Just let me rise while all you critics clothing minor skies
Penetrating your fagan as you look into my eyes
And my surmise will be the day that hip-hop dies
Or at least until the day the mass of boys stop telling lies
With every step more of your faith companies supporting any and every
breath or laugh I take
Makes me gag in nauzia, it's just the asthma
it's chokin' me, vocally
Provokin' me to live with frustation with words colloquially
Cos globally I'm fucked, if you ever notice me
So I cling to what I got and rock the spot with (a) pro to see
Cos sometimes, the people just don't want to let go
Now put that mic down before you get crushed like Thredbo
But hold it now, who said we're walking common streets?
You just kept robbing them beats, hip-hop got stolen, foul
Some lost their creativy and our sense of pride was humbled
Ali threw in the gloves so now I'm Rumble in the Jungle
Don't you worry cos them punks will fall off figures, time's our only shackle 
You lost that love I feel, you fall but I'm fine, but crackles
And only time he's able to heal the wounds, that was open 
from much choking the community and food bag
Cos hypocrites, contradicting shit, every bit of it
I've heard more to say from dads to their children that be illiterate
I just hung my head in my hands and kept working on them beats
For now we're walking foreign lands, maybe one day common streets


It's all the same, common streets...

"Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibe?"
Seem's I'm in a dream as I walk through just outside
"Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibe?
Looks like we're leaving to the people walking by"
"Can you feel it?"
"Can you feel the vibe?
Looks like we're leaving to the people walking by"