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Artist: Hot Boys
Album:  Let 'Em Burn
Song:   My Section
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(Mannie Fresh)
What you working with?

(Lil' Wayne)
Nigga, what section you be representing?
Look, Look
Well in my section we be thugging hard
Moving weight everyday on the boulevard

Well in my section them hoes be always pointing across
They either want to be killers or wanna be the boss

(Lil' Wayne)
Say Juvenile, in my section they be killing
All day glocks be drilling
You won't catch nobody chilling
Cause we trying to make a million

Well in my section
They got a lot children that be filthy
They got innocent niggas
And they got niggaz that's guilty

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section
Niggaz be gone
Off that herone
Smith and Wesson
Blow your damn vest off

Well in my section
They always got them a dirty police
They take a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal

Well in my section
They got nothing but killas and trampas
Asking niggaz for money
Cause they wanna get down

Chorus:  (Juvenile)
My section is the block y'all
Don't you hang too long cause you get knocked off
(Repeat 3x)

I'm an outlaw, we thug in my section
Shoot the type of bullets no vest can do to protect ya

(Young Turk)
In my section niggaz slang coke all day
In my section niggaz snort dope all day

With a bad mouth, ya head get disconnected
Coming through my section with unnecessary reppin

(Young Turk)
In my section, niggaz they like to shine
In my section, niggaz ride top of the line

Look, hard hitters, dope dealers, wig splitters
They cover my section also ballers and real niggas

(Young Turk)
In my section niggaz play with 99's
In my section every nigga got a Rollie that blind

In my section, you slip up
Guaranteed get lit up (Geezy)
You get stood over (Geezy)
Just to make sure you don't get up

(Young Turk)
In my section niggaz ready to die for Turk
In my section niggaz ready to put in work


In my section they got a lot of people that's poor
They got a fiend in the court
That come and beg at your door

My section one of the baddest
Don't get caught in my area
Niggaz will let you have it
Best believe what I'm telling ya

(Young Turk)
My section got niggaz that will wet up your shirt
My niggaz got niggaz that don't go to church

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section if you talk cheap, you die quick
And in my section, you can see me to buy a brick

Lil' Wayne, in my section niggaz always be in a war
Hot-wiring cars, shooting up at the wards

You know ain't nothing changed
My section the same old (Geezy)
Chopper City (Geezy)
Them Ghetto

(Young Turk)
My section got niggaz that will beat a bitch down
My section nigga it's that fucking Uptown

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section we be ducking the law
Put 20 inch rims on the trucks and the cars
And we play


[Lil' Wayne + (Juvenile)] talking
Nigga, what set you claiming, huh
(I'm claiming that muthafucking third ward lil' nigga)
(And I been busting heads you heard me)
(TC, Magnolia nigga)
Nigga I'm a young nigga claiming that 17th nigga
I heard that nigga B.G. claiming V.L. nigga
(That nigga Turk claiming that T.C. too)
(But I ain't mad at y'all for what y'all do)
(Nigga do what you do)
Nigga what Atrice claiming nigga
(Nigga Atrice been claiming V.L., Saratoga)
(And rapping nigga what's happening)
Fa sheezy, nigga what Fresh claiming nigga
(Nigga Fresh claiming that muthafucking nine)
(And he don't mind dying)
(Got to get on with his shine)
(And he slangs his iron)
And that 7th ward, he a hard-head too
(That nigga a donkey man)
(I got tell ya, that St. Bernard loving that nigga)
Nigga what set you claiming?
What set you claiming?
Nigga what set you claiming?
What set you claiming?
Boy, what set you claiming?
Boy, what set you claiming?
Boy, what set you claiming?
Nigga what set you claiming, huh?