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Artist: House of Pain f/ Cockni O'Dire, Divine Styler
Album:  Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again
Song:   Pass the Jinn
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*Cockni O'Dire is difficult to understand
*This is the best I could. Correct it, laught at it and/or take it with a grain of salt.

[Intro: Cockni O'Dire]
Aight, aight, aight, a world war
Yo, there's a sign a war goin' on
You know I'm sayin', there's a war, war
You what I mean a war
And I tear, and I tear that serious shit up
Rock on, ha ha
Rebumbaclot, ragga bloodclot muffin up in ?? y'all
So I, So I, So I

[Cockni O'Dire]
A-yo, tip tip die, so so she live up
Carry a ice cream so run your money and your liver
For never no clutter on your space
Terror, I ripper, he instigate it straight
Before, me have be sure, who say who I ought be fuck with
Cockni don't rep, bartender charge clip
This lyric be straight up out of order with nastiness
You best confess that I'm tryin' to rest
On some business, your mother I arrest
Hold ya broke compose pop jump
While I pump, pop jump, got pulled over connect

Watch out, bust the style I be kickin'
I play the geek role and bite your head off like a chicken
I'm the Lord of the Rings like Bilbo Baggins
Returnin' my dragon, pants be saggin'
Science be droppin', thoughts be buildin'
My instinct's primal tappin' your spinal
I smack Mike and Janet for the whole freakin' planet
Don't take me for granted 'cause my eyes be slanted
From the fat bag of blade
I must consume
'Cause my soul's on the verge of impending doom
So make room for the crew with kegs of brew
Doin' what we do, so what's the matter wit' you

[Divine Styler]
Now, the West could be wild and the South could keep it hot
The North would be the spot for criminals and whatnot
But the East coast sets the most Irish styles
The East coast sonnin' all bitch profiles
Yo relax that shit, I murder abstract myths
My mathematics be the fifth power refine gifts
All bein' born to divine stylist
My Killa Rhyme Click takes mics and ruckus and rips
My cleaver swine clicks it in 'em
And five bodies I lift

[Cockni O'Dire]
Nuff, nuff of this and a lot of this, and of this and of that
?? we're not gonna talk you out, we take it back
?? poofin' and poofin' on
You hear that, that's your ass out the spot
Booyaka, blakatta, fuck around faster than that
?? You are not dead
Ready get up ?? kill more, kill more people than pox
Don't think me ignorant me is a conscious ???
If you not live like one blood you are not gettin' one box

I bow my head to the east five times a day
I put my face in the dirt every time I pray
To disrupt the jinn in me 'cause the sin in me is
Trying to take over and make my soul cross over
I'm steady rollin' with my head fucked up
'Cause my system pumps loud, everybody's on my nuts
And everybody wanna know who lives the fattest
The black eight fifty representin' my status
Plus I got the baddest house on the hill
My bank account's full but my soul's empty still

[Divine Styler]
Who want get burst from earth to hearse to dust
My motley crew a movement will straigten out fix on plush
Praise blush what, my mackin' is a ray beam
Seen over cane, sumpreme novocaine
Numb niggas get the shivers when I trap the vein
I set styles over mirror and blows my membrane, uh
Eyes are dazed and glazed 'cause I'm froze on
A B-boy stance, I'm gettin' my rows off
Blitz suns are passable ain't gettin' my doze on
Hallucinatin' bitches and they rippin' my clothes off

[Cockni O'Dire]
Cockni's, got wicked rhymes
So, now never in my crowd do you hear a loud booer
Plowed in the bitches that ??
Straight from the womb, not from the sewer
No disrespect buddy, I come correct
In a viddy, and probably make a mother out of her sister
Earth here, that said I cursed and dissed her
Yo, baby be calm, baby don't cry
I hope to get in her mami if shorty stay fly

I say take me to your house of pain
See my styles maintain 'cause my membrane's sane
So put down your juice, pass ya jinn
Push up on a skin, I begin to win
There ain't no need to worry 'bout where I've been
If I pass my jinn I begin to win
I say, put down your juice pass the jinn
Push up on a skin, I begin to win
There ain't no need to worry 'bout where I've been
If I pass my jinn I begin to win

[Divine Styler]
Style expansion ill thrills from my mansion
Toy ass M.C.'s is glancin' and sizin'
My mental through my pencil beat makin' it bitin' excitin'
Text run over be writings and sketch my O's
Then he went like the ocean, and get cut 'em up crows
Front invaded my motion, suckers blowin' me like hoes
'Cause they on my boz', but I keep the liver saliva
When I got the mic control, Divine Style the holder
Shit like it's a stick-up, ain't nobody gettin' up
From my lickin' up, niggas is kickin' up
And wind up victim from slippin'
My mission is all in ya ass
You young mothafuckers respect my past
Who on next, uh, come represent this session
Try to manifest my true circumference weapon