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Artist: Icarus f/ Method Man, Stack-A-Dollar
Album:  The City Iz Mine
Song:   How Do U Want It
Typed by: Davida.b.

Ayo it's too bad, I just crashed a new Jag
Too bad, get your new shoes and boots tagged
You mad, ?wire your brains and dudes mass?
Stack produce cash, my whole crew blast
Niggas think they rich when they boost their stash
Stack on Trick, now I just slap em with dick
And I'm known for getting head in the back of the whip
I'm either with Meth or Doc, Black or Ic
Back to the script, my niggas flash massive chips
While you was home watching the Facts of Life
I was on your block cocking a mac and knife
Trying to stack it right, gold displayed out
Now its platinum or ice, you get your bragging rights
When your cash is right, and if you niggas hold guns, better blast em right
And if you flash your ice, better ante up nigga, or that's your life
Yo, Stack, Ic & Meth flow sick to death
Give it a rest, us three spit it the best
Ice from the charm, fresh trees right from the farm
Every night I got somebodies wife tight on my arm

[Chorus: Icarus (Method Man)]
Yo we can take it to the guns nigga (How do you want it?)
Or we can take it to the knife nigga (Yeah, how do you want it?)
Or we can take it to the hands nigga (Yeah, how do you want it?)
(Not sayin that your woman don't own it like a hornet) X2
(Any way ya'll niggas want it, your paper good perfromance)
(Got cornered, who want it?)

[Method Man]
You can catch Meth mashin, pass the cops, harrassin
No classin, spazzin, shot on cash and
Not a penny, I choose a heart away, if any
It's something in me that make me want Moore than Deemi
My man Icarus, S.I., can't get enough
We stickin niggas up for that 'In God We Trust'
Ya'll might fuck with htem, but you can't fuck with us
Don't miss Tical's chamber, I'm too dangerous
And it's been so long, uh huh, been so long
Since I stuck my middle finger past your thong
Bitch must I show & prove, I can't lose
And you don't gotta look at my shoes to see I rule
I do it for my niggas on run from law
I do it for my bitches who boost clothes from stores
Six in the morning, police at my door
Got me locked up, not knowing what I'm locked up for


Yo what the fuck have I done?
Do you see what kind of trouble I've brung?
This what happens when an M outta the W come
Gangsta menage nigga, make you love the two guns
Bust and you run, trust me, I handle them well
I look at whoever called me, cameras held
My right hand hit hard like a hammer to nail
Damn I prevail, from when I used to plan in a cell
Landed in jail, Ic back, nigga, get back
Yo my name ring more than grandfather clocks
While ya'll talk to much like barbershops
Yo can ctach Ic in back of a Widebody 6
Watchin karate flicks and playin with mommy's tits
I admit none of that, I'm the son of the east
I got a gun under my fleece, balde under my teeth
So when a nigga talk shit, I make him run to police
Then I jump in the jeep, put the pump on my seat
What I spend at the bar cost more than your mink
Bartender mad, niggas at me ordering drinks
I'm more than you think, the Benz got a toilet & sink
My bullets will blow at your leg the moment you blink
Tical & Ic, this is the wildest shit
We gon make mothafuckers on the Island flip
Not to mention Stack, his crime fowl is sick
Three real niggas that don't smile for shit