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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Death Certificate
Song:   Black Korea
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(blends into intro with dialogue from Spike Lee's _Do the Right Thing_)

"Twenty D Energizers."
	"Twenty, C Energizer?"
"D, not C, D."
	"B Energizer?"
"D motherfucker, D!  Learn to speak english first, alright?  D!"
		"How many you say?"
"Twenty, motherfucker, twenty."
	"Mother-fuck you!"

[Ice Cube]
Everytime I wanna go get a fuckin brew
I gotta go down to the store with the two
oriental one-penny countin motherfuckers
that make a nigga made enough to cause a little ruckus
Thinkin every brother in the world's out to take
So they watch every damn move that I make
They hope I don't pull out a gat and try to rob
they funky little store, but bitch, I got a job
("Look you little Chinese motherfucker
  I ain't tryin to steal none of yo' shit, leave me alone!"
	"Mother-fuck you!")
Yo yo, check it out
So don't follow me, up and down your market
Or your little chop suey ass'll be a target
of the nationwide boycott
Juice with the people, that's what the boy got
So pay respect to the black fist
or we'll burn your store, right down to a crisp
And then we'll see ya!
Cause you can't turn the ghetto - into Black Korea

	"I do fuck you!"