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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Death Certificate
Song:   The Wrong Nigga to Fuck With
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
God damn, it's a brand new payback
From the straight gangsta mack in straight gangsta black
How many motherfuckers gotta pay
Went to the shelf and dusted off the AK
Caps gotta get pealed
Cause "The Nigga Ya Love to hate" still can "Kill at Will"
It ain't no pop cause that sucks
And you can New Jack SWING on my nuts
Down wit the niggaz that I bail out
I'm platinum bitch and I didn't have to sell out
Fuck you Ice Cube, that's what the people say
Fuck AmeriKKKa, still wit hthe triple K
Cause you know when my nine goes buck
it'll bust your head like a watermelon dropped from 12 stories up
Now let's see who'll drop
Punk motherfuckers tryin to ban hip-hop
Fuck R&B and the runnin man
I'm the one that stand, with the gun in hand
Make sure before you buck wit duck quick
Punk, cause I'm the wrong nigga to fuck wit

"I'ma let y'all know one thing man.."

[Verse Two]
Hell yeah it's on, you better tell 'em
Ice Cube and I'm rolling with the motherfuckin L.M.
It's the number one crew in the area
Make a move for your gat and I'll bury ya
Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt
Punks roll when I put in work
cause Lench Mob niggaz are the craziest
And y'all motherfuckers can't fade my shit
South Central, that's where the Lench Mob dwell
Hittin fools up with the big ass L
One time can't hold me back
Sweatshirt, khakis and crokersacs
Stop givin juice to the Raiders
Cause Al Davis, never paid us
I hope he wear a vest
It's all about the L-E-N-C-H y'all know the rest
Motherfuckin crew, motherfuckin mob
Do a motherfuckin job in a motherfuckin squad
In '91 Ice Cube grew stronger and bigger
And I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with

"One-and-two, ah-three-e-and-ah-four-and.."
"Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute"

[Cube] Drop a old school beat!

[Verse Three]
Like I said, it's a brand new payback
Now in '91, let's see who beats the jack
Sir Jinx grew a little bit taller
(Keep the wack beats out) true motherfuckin baller
And hoes can't roll on
Even bitches looking like En Vogue gotta "Hold On"
Don't let me catch Daryl Gates in traffic
I gotta have it, to peel his cap backwards
I hope he wear a vest too, and his best blue
goin up against the Zulu
Break his spine like a jellyfish
Kick his ass til I'm smellin shit
Off wit the head, off wit the head I say
And watch the devil start kickin
Run around like a chicken, grand dragon finger lickin
Yo, turn him over wit a spatula
Now we got, Kentucky Fried Cracker
Mess with the Cube, you get punked quick
Pig, cause I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with!

"Last person in the world you wanna fuck with.." (repeat 3X)