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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Raw Footage
Song:   Don't Make Me Hurt Ya Feelings
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ice Cube]
From hood to hood, sea to shinin sea
Let this be the anthem, when you niggaz see me
Fuck 'em, uh-huh

When I'm on the block, and you see me chillin
With that drop-top, don't let me hurt ya feelings
When I'm in the club, lookin like a million
With that bitch you love, don't let me hurt ya feelings

[Ice Cube]
Tick tock, niggaz see me on the block
and they stomachs drop, cause I'm so fuckin hot
Now, you know my M.O. pull up and blow the horn
She runs out at night and comes back in the morn'
Leave these niggaz lookin like Children of the Corn
Ain't nuttin in the world like a bitch nigga scorned
Forewarned if you thinkin 'bout this porn
It may result in yo' drawers gettin torn nigga
I'm Jose Jackson last born
I'm a rooster, Foghorn Leghorn
Youse a loser, get your feelings hurt when I seduce her
She turn my dick to stone just like Medusa
Mad cause I got my dick sucked, and my balls licked
Faggot niggaz come out the closet
You know that bitch you like that's throwin the P
You know that bitch you like is goin with me


[Ice Cube]
Let the fo' chrome blow ya dome, nigga I'm the king of Rome
Jim Jones these hoes into my living room
Niggaz get jealous, at the Goodfellas
"He's a hot dog~!" Nigga add relish
Papered out, lay you out, fuckin with my paper route
Take you out so momma cain't make you out
When I creep niggaz read 'em and weep
When they peep I'm a fuckin wolf dressed like a sheep
So fresh, so clean, so nice, so mean
She's a motherfuckin fiend for this niggarole supreme (yeay-yay)
Hoes scream they wanna be on my team, but uhh
It's a dream like Martin the King
Heartbreaker, money taker, nigga, it's my nature
to shake her, soon as a nigga break her
And I'm done, you can have her back
Sucker niggaz askin where yo' ass was at


[Ice Cube]
My hood, yo' hood, niggaz up to no good
Get your shine on, please make it understood
Get your grind on nigga 'til it's all good
Run up on these 24's - wish you would

I wish y'all bitch niggaz would
Swizz Beatz wanna give you crybaby niggaz a pacifier
When you see us comin get to runnin {*fades out*}