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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  I Am the West
Song:   Fat Cat
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus One]
Countin money, eatin rats, gettin pussy all day
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks

[repeat Chorus One 4X for the first 30 seconds]

[Chorus Two: repeat "That's all I do!" 4X over]
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks
Still makin green, still still makin greenbacks
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks
Haters get mad cause I'm still makin greenbacks

[Ice Cube]
I'm a fat cat, look at me, stomach like a Volkswagen
Still I can handle my, business got these hoes braggin
Ice Cube put it down (bitch I am the dragon)
I am a fuckin clown (yo look how I'm actin)
They wanna throw me out - but they bet' not touch me
Is this nigga fuckin crazy, or is he just lucky?
Actin like he own the place, y'all niggaz best to rendezvous
This nigga ain't no pussy y'all, this kind of cat all he came to do is

[Chorus One] - 2X + [Chorus Two]

[Ice Cube]
People wanna know how I make that money
Momma Ice Cube didn't raise no dummy
This fat cat don't chase no mice
Hoodrats think they can live off Ice
Enemies think I'm finicky, nigga be
walkin 'round here like a Kennedy
Tend to be, movin like a centipede
Y'all muh'fuckers still just Little League
Now I know when the haters get mad, I'm doin my job
Some niggaz can't dunk 'til you throw them a lob
Better go find, another one to rob
You just a role player this my squad
You get Lenched, this my Mob
Ain't that I, you a facade
All in the alley, lookin through the trash
I'm a fat cat, lookin through the glass

[Chorus One] - 2X + [Chorus Two]