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Artist: Ice Cube f/ JIGG
Album:  I Am the West
Song:   I Rep That West
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ice Cube]
You know what West coast niggaz is gon' tell me?
This is too West coast

[Chorus: JIGG]
Doin my own, thang, and if you got a problem with that
Then the nina go bang, bang, and I'll be everywhere on the map - but
I rep that West {*8X*}

[repeat Chorus]

[Ice Cube]
Don't you know that I rep that? Why you got let that boy in the buildin?
Don't you know that, he about to kill 'em?
Don't you know that, he about to hurt y'all feelings?
Can't fire him, might as well play the villain
I'ma get 'em (get 'em) why cause I cain't babysit 'em
I'ma whip 'em (whip 'em) treat 'em like badass children
Is it evil? Y'all better call them people
How I get down, just ain't legal
Money long, sort of like Louis Vuitton
I run this shit, right here, call me marathon (boom)
I blow like a cherry bomb
You a small donation; bitch, I'm a telethon
West coast alien, what is he really on?
Is it that shit, that niggaz go silly on?
Hell no, the pyroclastic flow is evident
(WESTSIDE~!) And y'all know what I represent


[Ice Cube]
I rep that West, I bet that dub
I pack that S (I'm a monster)
Westside Loch Ness, I'm a problem
Matter fact, I'm a mess, Los Angeles, so skanless
South Central, home of so much potential
But if you go there the warfare is mental
Bring your wheelchair, you probably gon' need it
Leave this motherfucker, a paraplegic
Niggaz 'round the world that think they wanna bang
Don't get your ass caught up like Lil Wayne
I'm too West coast for the West coast
to Fresno to Sarito's, to soul food and burritos
I'm down with Angelinos
Go downtown, and give a bum a C-note
This my town; I run it, you walk it
You just now learnin the game - I taught it


[Ice Cube]
Brrrrr! And if you got a problem with this
Let me know so I can add your fuckin name on my list
All you West coast deejays, check your wrist
if you scared to add the big fish to your playlist now
Enemies of this industry, I'ma
Hall of Famer, treated like a stranger
Fuck that, another West coast banger
Who gives a fuck if they play it in Virginia?
I'ma play it on Danka, play it on Western
All up in this will make your head turn
Motherfuckers wanna take our style
And run that shit, three thousand miles then
rub the shit all in our face
Diss, award show all at our place
Damn, can a nigga get a lit-tle taste
of some of that shine? It look like mine

[Chorus] - 2X w/ Cube ad libs

Y'all know what it is
Is this too West coast for you motherfuckers?
So what!
Sanctioned by the O.G.'s of America
The grand wizard is a, certified G
That mean genius bitch