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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  I Am the West
Song:   Pros vs. Joes (Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ice Cube, bomaye! Yeah, bomaye
Ice Cube, bomaye (get 'em) bomaye
Ice Cube, bomaye.. bomaye
Ice Cube, bomaye (get 'em) bomaye

[Ice Cube]
Whassup baller? I'm a owner now, you niggaz ball for me
And I'll be kickin it, up in my suite
Lookin down, ain't none of y'all fuckin with me
I'm like a bully that you motherfuckers hatin to see
Better whisper my name, like the Wizard of Oz
If you say it three times, a lyrical barrage
This is not a mirage, there's no way to dodge
this career endin, metaphoric collage
I'm swearin to God, it's worse than Jihad
Fuckin with Cube is like "The Book of Eli"
I'm pullin my blade, I'm slicin you bastards
You local motherfuckers, I rap to the masses
You internet bitches, my pen is so vicious
The genie's out the bottle, and grant no wishes
Befo' you attack, you shoulda asked Mack
He would have told you I'm the architect of gangster rap

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Ice Cube, bomaye.. bomaye
Ice Cube, bomaye (get 'em) bomaye

[Ice Cube]
You motherfuckers in the D-league, I'm in the G league
I got the most money, I smoke the best weed
I got the best kids, and the best life
With a fine wife, nigga I'm in paradise
Amateurs think it's easy, but you and that
bitch ain't about to be the next George and Weezy
Just pay to see me, I'm a pro with a show
that's incredible, you better let it go
Better learn how to do the Dougie
'Fore I wrap you in a Snuggie, and push you in the buggy
This is, Ice Cube, know the people love me
On some spiritual shit, like the man above me

[Chorus] - 2X

(Get 'em!)