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Artist:	Ice Cube
Album:	Kill at Will EP
Song:	Get Off My Dick and Tell Yo Bitch to Come Here (Remix)
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[Flavor Flav] Stay off his dick!

Nigga, some don't think I can flow, so here we go 
to a new track, to show the wack, that I can throw
styles that show up, I blow up and blast here
Niggaz still trippin off the shit I said last year
About a bitch is a bitch is a hoe is a slut
And I don't like niggaz on my nuts!
So I dedicate this one to the groupie
And the Charlie, all on my Snoopy
Brothers keep askin, "Ice Cube yo when will you bust"
They surround me and make a big fuss
Now I was taught, back on my block
That you don't ride on nobody's jock
for anything they do, FUCK him and his crew
Unless, you were gettin paid too!
I'm not saying this to diss each and every fan
Women you can ride, man be a man!
Shake my hand, and make it a FIRM shake
Say, "Whattup Ice Cube?" and then break
Cause if you're hangin there I'ma tell you loud and clear
Get off my my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here

* cut n scratch of Flavor Flav saying "stay off his dick"
  and Ice Cube saying "all on my Snoopy" *

* cut n scratch of Flavor Flav saying "yo yo check this out"
  and Ice Cube saying "I'ma tell you loud and clear" *

[Ice Cube]
Motherfucker, back up off me
I'm not signin no autographs, I'm not givin no free t-shirts
And I'm not HAVIN none of this bullshit you're talkin

("Get off my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here")

I step into the club, to rub-a-dub
It seems like all the little hoes fall in love
with my money, cause yo about a year ago
I was just your ordinary average everyday crazy ass bro
But you know, I just can't be equal
Cause they know, I know a lot of famous people
But to a one-night stand, there's no sequel
Here's the pickle, pretend it's a popsicle
See for a fat booty, I do damage
They think I'm a star, so I take advantage
It's just another Ice Cube groupie test
She's a hoe cause they knew her at the front desk
Told her to meet me, at the room 110
And the bitch showed up, with her boyfriend
I let him in, all he could do was grin
He had a camera, a t-shirt, a pad and pen
He said, "Yo Ice Cube, can you sign this?"
I only did it cause his bitch was the finest
She blew me a kiss and gave a bitter frown
Like - how can we get rid of this clown?
Me and her sat down, he got a little jealous
Cause his punk ass sat in the middle of us
And he asked me question after question
It felt like a motherfuckin interview session
Then his girl got up, I heard the do' shut
And he was still there, swingin from my nuts
I said, "Get the FUCK out!" and made it loud and clear
Get off my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here

	I see me about ten mark ass motherfuckers fans
	knock on the door, talkin about whassup?

	Yo man, it was about a hundred and twenty dicks man
	Niggaz start, niggaz comin out of hotel rooms
	without no bitches!

	They can get gaffled like they in a motherfuckin raffle
	Punk ass

[Ice Cube]
Yo, I respect the respectable
If your girl is all on my dick, check the hoe
Say, "Yeah that nigga he can rap fly
But you know, stars are up in the sky"
Cause all I got is hard dick, and bubblegum
Just ran out my last stick is where I'm comin from
I'm not tellin you to diss Mr. Ice Cube
Cause you know, I'm the one that can show and prove
Now groupie girls, I just make em wait
But the groupie boys, I can't tolerate
I hate it so much, I'ma start givin stitches
to the niggaz that's starin like bitches
Cause I'm not a fairy, a Mary or a faggot
Gimme the eye, I'll fly, and tag it
Now you see?  Jockin ain't healthy
Cause you think that I'm young and I'm wealthy?
With juice, so I see you try to run behind
But I'ma tell you punk, you gets none of mine
Cause I was taught, see a fool, use a fool
by the niggaz who terrorized the old school
So don't try me or buy me a beer
Just stay off my dick nigga * echoes *