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Artist: Ice Cube f/ Public Enemy
Album:  Kill at Will EP
Song:   Tales From the Darkside (Remix)
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[Intro: Tom Brokaw]
Good Evening! - this is Los Angles
A city with many claims on America, including this one 
It is now the gang Capital of the nation
Last year alone, there were 452 gang related murders
In the various Los Angles area
We will see if there's anything we can be done about all of this
It's just another nigga dead -------> Ice Cube
It's just another nigga dead -------> Ice Cube
(*Sample of L.A.P.D Sirens*)
[Ice Cube]
Peace, don't make me laugh!
All I hear is motherfuckers rapping sucotash
Living large, telling me to get out the gang
I'm a nigga, got to live by the trigger
How the fuck do you figure?
That I can say peace and the gunshots will cease?!
Every cop killing goes ignored
They just send another nigga to the morgue
A point scored, they could give a fuck about us
They rather catch us with guns and white powder
If I was old, they'd probably be friend of me
Since I'm young, they consider me the enemy
They kill ten of me to get the job correct
To serve, protect, and break a nigga's neck
Cause I'm the one with the trunk of funk
And Fuck the Police in the tape deck
You should listen to me, cause there's more to see
Call my neighborhood a ghetto cause it houses minorities
The other color don't know you can run but not hide
These are tales from the darkside
Endangered Species
It's just another nigga dead ------> Ice Cube
Endangered Species
[Chuck D] 
All of us say it, Danger damn!!
[Skit #1: Quotes from Trespass movie by King James (Ice-T)]
No, no, no, no, no, no, please
No, no, no, no, no, no, don't shoot
Don't shoot, don't shoot, no don't shoot
[Ice Cube]
You wanna free Africa? - I stare at ya
Cause we ain't got it too good in America
I can't fuck with them overseas
My homeboy died over a key of cocaine, it was plain and simple
The 9 millimeter went (*pop*) to the temple
(*pop pop pop*) was the sound 
I put the bitch down, and ran to the schoolyard bathroom
Looked in the trash can, yo, it had room
So I ducked my ass in it for a minute
Covered with trash, I had to lay back
Mad as fuck, thinking about the payback
Tonight the crew gonna have a little fun
I went home and cut the barrel of my shotgun
It's getting critical, I stole a 5.0
I let it go, drive real slow
I yelled out: Ice Cube sucker
The shot gun kicked, and it murdered motherfuckers
I told you last album
when I got a sawed off, bodies are hauled off
It's a shame, that niggaz die young
But to the light side, it don't matter none
It'll be a drive by homicide
But to me, it's just another tale from the darkside
[Skit #2: Patrol Cops pulling someone over]
[Cop #1] Just walk out, out your car!
[Cop #2] You're under conrol
[Girl:-] I told you, to look out (*Sample of L.A.P.D Sirens*)
[Nigga] Shut up, bitch!!
[Flavor Flav]
Yo Chuck, these devilish people, they're still fronting on us
Let them know we can do this, the PO wants to do this
Ha ha, yeaaaaahhhh boyyyyyyyyy
[Chuck D]
Standing in the middle of war, the minute we flex
When we die, we won't make Jet
Ebony, can't see to the lightside
The term they apply to us is a nigga
Call it what you want, cause I'm coming from the coroner
Saying my rhymes without Ph.D.
Who's black? - don't wanna role, sells his soul
Watch his head go rolling
Who the fuck are they fooling?
Nobody knows, but I suppose the color of my clothes
Matches the color of the one on my face
As they wonder what's under my waist
"Standing on the verge.." of them getting brown that's a fact
Got a fear on their bozack
Run, run, run, their ass off, they can not hide
Yet Cube, they can't fuck with the darkside
Endangered Species
It's just another nigga dead --------> Ice Cube
[Skit #3: Quotes from Trespass movie by King James (Ice-T)]
No, no, no, no, no, no, please
No, no, no, no, no, no, please man
No, no, no, no, no, no, please
Wait, don't shoot
Don't shoot, no don't shoot