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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Lethal Injection
Song:   Down For Whatever


   I'm broke.
   My feet hurt.
   (Inside the mind of a car jacker)
   And that bitch is slippin.
   It makes me wanna..creep.
   It makes me wanna..creep.
Verse One

 Damn, I'm such a G it's pathetic
 Here comes the big-headed
 Nigga that's dippin
 Sippin on Courvoisier
 Goddamn I must havta floss today
 Now pimpin aint easy but it's necessary
 So I'm chasin bitches like Tom chased Jerry
 I'll put the pedal to the flo-uh
 In my two-tone Ford Explo-uh
 You know how it's done
 Sounds bumpin
 Ain't that sumthin?
 Jumped on the 110
 She's flyin in the Blazer
 Like "Go Speed Racer"
 But I ain't gonna chase her
 Like Racer X
 But I won't flex
 Til it's time to have sex
 So when you wanna get togetha?
 Cause you know a nigga like me
 Is down for whatever
    And I'm down for whatever

Verse Two

 When I was little I didn't wanna be like Mike
 I wanted to be like Ike
 Papa Was A Rolling Stone in the sixties
 And he liked green like Bill Bixby
 Told me that my best friend was a ten and a twenty
 Pokets never skinny
 Played let's get it on in the living room
 Cause he'll turn the party out sayin, "This is MY muthafuckin house"
 And y'all gots to go
 Through the door
 And if you can't find the door
 He'll help you with the four-four
 Talkin much shit on the grass
 And straight down to blast
 I'm still in my p.j.'s
 He's in a turtleneck sweater
 And we down for whatever
    And I'm down
    Solid Pro is down for whatever
    The Don Jaguar is down for whatever
    And it don't seem to stop

Verse Three

 I don't talk a lot of shit
 But when it's time to get busy with these hos, let's go
 Cause I'd rather see a skinhead dead
 Then my niggas wearin blue or red
 Cause I got the gift
 To hit these hos swift
 And I'm smellin like a fifth
 Of sumthin
 Yeah, that's right
 I'm standin in the store
 Act so nice
 Cause I got potentials to blow up a Winchells
 And you know what?
 I'm Cool Like Dat like Digable Planets
 But don't take a nigga for granted
 Cause whether it's a verdict of the L.A. four
 You just don't know
 That this rappin-ass nigga will change with the weather
 And be down for whatever

    And I'm down
    And I'm down for whatever
     Ice Cube - devoid of pop
     And I will never dance for you trick-ass niggas
    It makes me wanna..creep.
    It makes me wanna..creep.