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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Lethal Injection
Song:   Make it Ruff, Make it Smooth

Intro: K-Dee, Ice Cube

[hey yo cube]
[cube check it out]
[yo this bitch was suckin my dick, you know what i told her?]
[make the music with ya mouth biiiyaaatch!]
hahahaha, baby baby!
[hahah ya like that]
[naw, make it smooth]

Verse One: Ice Cube, K-Dee

i make niggas say 'woof' cos i'm in the coupe with no roof
[ya smell like somethin 90-proof]
cos i'm ruff, and nigga you can buck these nuts
if you comin with that smooth shit, hard core rules shit
[i make the hoes say 'hay' each and every day
bitch cos i'm the k-dee, no i'm not a g]
mothafuckin wannabe mack
[but i'm smooth like that]
i gots ta on up, punk you lucky that cha livin
cos i'm the unforgiven; i like power, ain't a damn thing funny
[i like pussy and money
and i won't slam like onyx or never ever stutter
but i'm b-b-butter;
leader of the new school, you hard core fool!]
nigga make it ruff! [make it smooth!]

MAKE IT RUFF [naw, make it smooth.]

Verse Two: K-Dee, Ice Cube

you can lick me up and down till i yell stop!
damn bitch ya missed a drop...cos i don't play when i sway
it's the quicker picker upper;
a pro that moves slow before this hoe i'm quick
to dump her; so eeny-meeny-miney-mo, where's my dough?
i gots ta make a livin, i out ta get mo; 
money, and got more nuts for ya honey; so
come and break me off, this nigga's walkin soft; 
it's the smoothness that make niggas move to this; 
for you ruffnecks, i'll check you with my tool and shit; 
don't sweat 'em, just let 'em play that hardcore
role; we still cool, but just make it smooth...

[Ice Cube]
you know what, it's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
how i keep from goin under, i'm chocolate thunder;
ruff as sin, cuts on ya skin
and i blend with the tracks, see i'm black
k-dee is the mack; matter fact
niggas hit me up with the c's and b's
but you don't wanna fuck wit these
cos i'll put 'em on ya
and we'll have to wake ya mothafuckin ass up with ammonia
cos hardcore rap is always on the map and it don't stop
devoid of pop; and if i drop another smooth hit
it'll still be hard, cos i helped start this shit;

so make it ruff [naw make it smooth!]
make it ruff! [make it smooth!!]
make it ruff! [make it smooth!!]

[..naw...make it smooth.]

[naw, make it smooth.]

Verse Three: Ice Cube, K-Dee

i hate when niggas get too fuckin sexy on the track, i'm pro black.
[well i'm a pro-mack.]
i like hittin switches.
[i love hittin bitches, cos i'm a player.]
hard rhyme sayer!
[i thought you knew, but ain't no thang, you knew the way i swang;
creepin, ain't no sleepin, ain't a damn thing changed; i hit hoe after
hoe with this laid-back shit.]
fool, i kill at will and still can fade that shit; cos it's the
predator, i edit(?) her, so nigga watch yo step!
[you in a gang like starr, tryina get a rep!]
it ain't no sweat for me to buck buck nigga don't give a fuck; you
better duck duck or get your ass stuck stuck!
[don't let the smooth shit fool ya, cos i can get it on; cos i be
breakin bones like dragonfly jones; quick to put em on ya.]
don't make me act a fool!  nigga, make it ruff!
[make it smooth!]

make it ruff [make it smooth]

...make it ruff [make it smooth!]

ice cube's up in this motherfucker
[k-dee's up in this motherfucker]

MAKE IT RUFF [naw make it smooth.]

MAKE IT RUFF [naw, make it smooth!]


MAKE- MAKE IT RUFF [naw make it smooth.]

MAKE IT RUFF- RUFF [naw, make it smooth.]

[naw, naw, make it smooth]

[naw, make it smooth]