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Artist: Ice Cube f/ Mr. Short Khop
Album:  Featuring... Ice Cube
Song:   Bend A Corner Wit Me
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[Chorus 1 2x: Ice Cube]
I see you, Over there, Lookin like somethin wrong
Cause I'm over here, Sittin on some chrome
Shotgun to the dome
Bend a corner wit me

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
When shit get boring, I jump in some foreign
Explorin through my neighborhood, All to the good
Ain't the finest order riches
Still got ordinary bitches to jehovah's witness
Tryin to get wit this
Know I got the green thumb, Hustler you never seen one
Extreme fun, Wit this mean one
But you'll never get none fuckin wit them broke hoes
Pinnochios, Fuck around and get a broke nose
That's ya fate when we congregate
It's the great writer, Exponium big spider
Tighter than virgin cocks, At the mall like dispurge a lot
Like these niggaz servin rocks
But I'm servin rhymes, Two cds at a time
Like it's weight, Ice cube the great

[Chorus 2: Mr. Short Khop]
Bend a corner wit me, We can ride to the store
Do it like friends do, What I'm into?
Everything on the menu, Wit extras on it
Cmon baby and jump up on it

Chorus 1

[Verse 2: Ice Cube]
This one is strictly, For niggaz rollin 750s
And it's polished from the 60s
Bumpin that cube shit, Do shit, I bet the wheels fall off
Before the skills fall off
Throw up the dub, Got more cocks to rub
And if you don't, I done got this far without yo love
Hoes want the nigga in the t-shirt and rolex
And y'all still get the .9 up out the kotex
Got the o.z., And the x.o
Broads get fatal, And don't wanna let go
Incredible, Nigga who you rap like?
Come out the movie, Who you act like?
It's the don, Still rappin 2000 and beyond
Tryin to come up on another million

Chorus 2
Chorus 1

[Verse 3: Mr. Short Khop]
From the gate, Khop want the whole plate
Want my drink and eat the whole cake
And won't wait until another nigga say go
I lay low wit the tweed and the yayo
And play po, And stop niggaz knackin
Still keep the set crackin
All about the cheese and how it's stackin
And plus, It's mo cheddar down the line
Ain't no better time for me and a gang of niggaz on the grind
Tryin to get the income, And then some
Stash a little bit and spin some
Keep it poppin till the end come
Can't stop it, Then shawties wanna grip
24/7, Money got a nigga whipped
Chip after chip, But if I slip
Have the homie send me o.t. and work the flip
Cause the world is payola
Silk the spot and left connect on ya wall in a black crayola

Chorus 2

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon bitch and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon bitch and jump up on it