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Artist: Ice Cube f/ DMX
Album:  We Be Clubbin' Remix 12"
Song:   We Be Clubbin' (Clark World Remix)
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Dj Clark Kent: What you think gon' happen if I get Ice Cube
to do a joint with the wildest dog on the East Coast? Man
they don't know.  Heavyweight Def Jam
Clark World

Once again it's on the muthafuckin' psycho
Ice Cube the Don Mega with my nigga DMX
huh A diamond in the rough
punk, he gon' stay in the rough
East meets West it's goin' down
Yeah we be clubbin'
we be clubbin'
we be clubbin' we be clubbin' we be clubbin'
I'm in the city bitch we clubbin' 
I'm treated like the Presidential motorcade
takin' out the residential global persperation
freaky gyrations close to fornication
Numbers get passed when asked information
intoxication faded inebriated
Designated driver liver than MacGyver
blockin' freaks in all of 'em tens
stallions get them to pile in
Sittin' on 'Lacs bitch we write raps
Backdo' access you gettin' jealous
standin' all in line with designer umbrellas
Bad fellas runnin' with the Eastside Connection
any kind of club with a star check they weapons
Who wanna sex DMX get naked
fuckin' to security show us the exit

Heavy hitters countin' figures
We be Clubbin'
Mixin' blunts and heavy liquors
We be Clubbin'
For all my live ass niggas
We be clubbin'
Fuckin' all them gold diggers
We be clubbin'

Kent: DMX Ruff Riders

Grrr grrr
All I do is import to export transport to West port
a nigga still breathin' today 'cause the vest
caught them slugs you sprayed at me now
get at me if you want more
Put a fuckin' hole up in yo' back
so what's the front for?
Come on baby we some noisemakers
catchin' niggas with bricks at am I ??
comin' through Las Vegas
made us wanted dead or alive
on mad niggas hit lists
but ain't a muthafucka come & get this
Witness what's unheard of cold blooded murder
this hot shit'll have you smellin' like a fuckin' ??
and the shell from the twelve is all it takes
to make a nigga spin like twice & then fall
you call for help
but ain't none comin'
The avmen slaughtered the robbery & gun runnin'
and when I'm done gunnin' we all gon' meet up at the club
fuckin' with Cube it's nothin' but love
Nigga What!!


New York get ya club on
L.A. get ya club on
Chicago get ya club on
Atlanta get ya club on

Fuck that shit
If the dog's off the leash then the dog's gonna bite (rooof)
If the dog's in the ring then the dog's gonna fight (rooof)
If the dog's on the West Coast then I'm fuckin' with Cube
Where them hoes at nigga keep 'em comin' in twos
Like Noah I make it wetter the doubleheader
hit that ass like I got a vendetta you know it's better
with the Don Mega shake it off shake it off
take it off take it off and make it soft biotch
Uhh, It's all good it's all right
fuck all day fuck all night
Call all my niggas 'cause wherever I go
y'all my niggas East to the West Coast all my niggas
Cube :
Now the East to the West
piece of the best sick of this shit 
Added DMX to add grit in this shit 
Atlantic to Pacific spittin' this shit 
Got love for my niggas that's gettin' a grip 
We be clubbin'