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Artist: Ice Cube
Album:  Old St. Ides Commercial
Song:   Crooked I For All Ages *
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* on DJ Drank's "Greatest Malt Liquor Hits"

[Intro: Overvoice]
I'm gonna get you..
I'ma get you.. I'ma get you..

Awwwoww, I drink.. Crooked I ---> Ice Cube

You know the Can is black ------> Ice Cube

Yep, I drink.. Crooked I  ------> Ice Cube

You know the Can is black ------> Ice Cube

With the funky Crooked I -------> Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
Introducing Crooked I
Ice Tea and food punch, damn I got the hunch 
That all the Gs in the house'll be sipping
It's non-alcoholic, so it ain't no tripping
All natur-al, you still be the man
With your hand around the black Can
I wish I had the fourty Oz; 
Of the Crooked I, Bud' and Ice Tea
Better than the rest
I'm stepping on the stages, Crooked I for all ages
Ice Cube, chilling on a day that's hotter
Can't wait 'til they come with the peanut clutter
Not a malt liquor, it never was
Cause somedays I don't wanna get buzz
So walk pass the snapple
Crooked I's on sale from Cali' to the Big Apple
And all Gs drink it

[Outro: Overvoices]
[-] Where we're going man, what we're going to look for?

Uhh.. we're looking for the bitches with fucking St. Ides brew
Aiy.. wa.. wa.. wait.. wait a minute, you guys from 115
You're not going to bring me none of that plumber Budweiser shit
Are you?