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Artist: Ice Cube f/ DJ Pooh, E-Swift (Tha Alkaholiks)
Album:  Old St. Ides Commercial
Song:   S.T. Crooked I.D.E.S. *
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* on DJ Drank's "Greatest Malt Liquor Hits"

[Intro: DJ Pooh]
Yo, let's bust on of them funky St. Ides Commercial, man
Where that beat at? 
(*Beat stared... Lend your ear --> E-Swift)
Ha ha ha, yeah, that's it
Yo, DJ Pooh in the mic at this time
Me and E-Swift's in the house
Yo, we got Ice Cube in the house
He's finna bust a funky St. Ides Commercial
We're gonna show you how we do it, yo, kick it off!!

[Ice Cube]
Guaranteed to get a big booty undressed
I got a fourty every hood that you see me in
Cause St. Ides's Malt Liquor is the premium
Ice Cube is in the house, don't you know me 
Pour a little out on the curb for my homies
I asked Pooh and Da Lench Mob crew
How much money; you got on the St. Ides brew?
Then I go and get a Six-pack
You know the Can is black, with the funny zigzag
Then I picked up a girl
Forget Eight Ball, that beer'll make you hurl
And when she seen the black Can and the trees
It makes her talk about the birds and the bees
Drink St. Ides and boots are ass out
Ice Cube is five thousand as I passed out