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Artist: Icewater f/ Method Man
Album:  Polluted Water
Song:   Love Don't Cost (A Thing)
Typed by: Cno Evil

Mami in a damn Range, do your damn thing
And don't be mad at me, because your man's lame
My boys call me Stumik, cuz it's my damn name
Now let's get it poppin', just like champagne
And it's a damn shame, cuz you deserve better
I'm a baller, I can show you how to burn cheddar
Or we can walk, hand to hand, with shoulders
Cuz my flow'll get you open like a can of soda
If we was snakes, I'm the man with the cobra
So why don't you get rid of that lizard, and come lamp with a soldier
Cuz I'm your first pick, and your dude is worthless
And if you don't understand, then boo, it's like this, listen

[Chorus: P.C.]
If love don't cost a thing, why is she chasing my paper, chasing my paper
I got a feeling in my heart that tells me something ain't right, something ain't right
Baby you could do what you do, you ain't got to do me no favors, do me no favors
I could of been the one that made that change in your life, change in your life

It seem like yo, everytime I turn around, you got your hand out
The only word I hear is 'money' out your damn mouth
It's all love, then why it seem like
When you see money, I got this green light
But when the bread's gone, Paulie's in a red zone
Got to get my badge patched up and go the hell home
You need a manicure, you need a pedicure
You need to chop and cop something out of every store
And when you out of cash, you want to spend mine
But I ain't strippin', bitch, I'm dippin' on you this time
I'm a breeze, don't holla, chill
Because I'll rather be single like a dollar bill


[Method Man]
Look, I'm razor sharp, ain't no cut in my throat
If you smell me, you see I'm dope, ain't no cuttin' my coke
I'm still, rough with the quotes, still, puffin' my smoke
While these critics still on they knees and still suckin' off GOAT's
My shit's grimey, not accustomed to soap, might even seel a customer soul
Or throw these shells thump in his coat
Spend my budget up, like 'fuck it, I'm broke'
You like them dudes on VH1, you lose trying fuck with New York
Look, this what the game bout, I'm from where niggas
Don't come around with the chains, I hangs out
With them ghetto women that bang out, do hair sell
Dope and babysit out the same house, you caved out
I do my thang, it's Wu-Tang, still in the game
My niggas still in the bathroom, stealing your chains
Look, it's M-E-F and Ice H20
Combination to the safe, it ain't safe no more, bitch


Yo, they say 'love don't cost a thing' like J. Lo
But that change when they asking for things and I say no
I make dough, so you know I play with my bread
I trick chicks to lick dick, for trying to braid my head
I ain't rich but I'm making my spreads, so bitch dig this
Consider it a privalege to lay in my bed
I'm a don, I don't pay 'em for head
I don't even pay attention they mention I can pay for the rent
All they get is violated instead, I be making them beg
Get on your knees, say please, before I say to this dead
I'm a G, I see cake on the reg
And they don't ever a see a slice, just a pipe that I'm laying instead