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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Bizzar
Song:   Juggalo's Paradise
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I'm sweating again, I always do,
I should probably take another pill or two
In the mirror, I see the face of Frankenstien,
And that face is mine
I go to work at Subway, slicing ham (chop chop)
Cut my finger off again (Arghhh damn!)
I walk home, tryin to dodge and hide from thugs,
They like to beat on scrubs
I go through this all the time though, I call,
"J, where the fuck you at?"
"The mall,"
"Did you get your ass stomped again?"
Nobody sees what I see, do they?
They just cast me aside, put me away
No friends, no style, no place to go,
Til I went juggalo!

Its all in you (everybody!)
It's all for you (hey hey!)
It's all in you (come on!)
It's all thats left to do,
Thats why it's all in you (Juggalos!)
It's all for you
It's all in you
It's all thats left to do,
Thats why it's all in you (Juggalos!)

Look at me now man, brain dead,
I could de-rail a fucking train with my forehead
I now live by the Carnival dominion,
So mother fuck your opinion
I'm a looney path,
I kill pedestrians, families, neighbors, best of friends, anybody
And if I don't kill them, I keep them in my basement and drill 'em dead
Just kiddin, all I really did is unlock the forbiden
I just let my fucking mind unwind,
I don't care what you think, you don't inner-twine
Fuck the world, fuck everybody in it,
Even the Sneaker Pimps girl, I'd fuck her in a minute
You can live to impress and dress fresh bitch,
I don't care, fuck everybody out there!

Rydas, loonies, stalkers, fat mans, gangstas, nymphos, assholes,

I smoke peace pipes with indian war chiefs
I steal jewels with chinese ninja theives
I dress well like yuppies and crush walls
I throw giant ice bergs like snowballs
I surf tidal wave, drink molten rock
I'll put a fucking tornado in a headlock
I'll go to Italy and straighten that tower
Whatever the fuck I want, with the juggalo's power

It's all in you (Juggalos!)
It's all for you (come on!)
It's all in you (hey hey hey)
It's all thats left to do,
Thats why it's all in you (hey hey)
It's all for you (come on!)
It's all in you (hey)
It's all thats left to do thats why it's all in you
Psychos, ex-convicts, cleptos, whinos, (?), lions, strangla's (?)

Here I go again, another day, dealing with these mother fucking idiots
at Subway. It's ok, cause now I see behind it and I keep myself
reminded. None of these 9 to 5 robet puppets that I see are any better
than me, Mother Fucka! They just struggalin, in the world they choose.
I'm waitin on the wagons, with my juggalos.