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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Carnival of Carnage
Song:   Never Had it Made
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First I was born young and healthy 
I told my mother one day I'd be wealthy 
Can't forget my first day at school 
Got stabbed in the head with a pencil, but it's cool 
Get my education 
A job and a family, a good reputation 
And what about grade two? 
Got shot in the neck and the bullet went straight through 
But I'm packing a textbook 
Don't fuck with me cuz I'm going to grade three 
Thank god it's lunch in a minute 
Bit into my hot dog with a razor blade in it 
And it cut my tongue off 
But I know how to multiply so what's up, boss 
Finally had to step out 
I dropped out of school when they ripped my neck out 
Who knows where the road led? 
Seen a man with a briefcase and no head 
So I'm like fuck that 
Show me a quarter and an ounce of crack 
And I'm straighter than a fucking lightpost 
I sold a lot of crack but I bought the most 
Now I'm a basehead down on my luck 
Roaming the streets and got hit by a Mack Truck 
And thrown about a block 
But I'm thinking nothing but gimme a rock 
Holding my sign I'll work for crack 
With my old-ass E.T. shirt on my back 
And I'm sleeping in the gutter 
Right next to Jam Town's mother
I'm eating dead rats in the street 
I keep on checking for my ownheart beat 
Now I'm weighing at a buck-o-five 
Twitchy little neck and I'm barely alive 
Got my first taste of life in hell 
I ate a dead, shh, but don't tell 
Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change? 
I'll cut your face off and eat your brains 
You know all about me 
You act like you ain't seen penatentiary 
Spitting and cussing and you know I'll piss 
With these iron braces on my fucking wrists 
And I'm heading for the slammer 
Serial killer, all on the camera 
First day, they broke my back 
Next day, they broke my neck 
Third day, they broke my leg 
Fourth day, they broke my head 
Swallowing kept on trucking 
But there'll be no fucking 
That's strictly for the soft 
Seen a freak in a week and my nuts fell off 
So I'm finna escape 
How much shit can one clubno take? 
"Stop, fool. Stop or I'll fire" 
Shot me off and I fell in the razor wire 
I'm all tangled up, cut cut cut slit slit cut cut 
You don't love me, I really don't care 
Tie my ass up in the electric chair 
I got no family, I got no friends 
I pray to God that my life ends 
They thought that they had killed me 
They took me to the morgue 
I'm just a little stiff that's all, like a board 
I lay there in my coffin, just chill and wait and chill 
But then I jump out knife swinging all about 
And motherfucking-mother-mother-mother-motherfucking kill 
I used to wonder what life's about 
Until it chewed me up and spit me out
Your ghetto created a psycho nut 
Not just psycho psycho nut 
Now I'm living in the walls of your house 
And I'll die there and lay and rot like a dead mouse 
I'm packing a sickle I'm on your roof and I'm playing the fiddle 
You want me in a straight jacket 
Cuz when I see a throat, I'm a hack it 
Where I'm at?  What's my name? 
Somehow, somewhere, I got hit by a train 
And it ripped my legs off 
Huh, nothing but a minor coft 
You can't get me I swing from a tree 
Shouting and cussing and shooting at me 
Everybody's end make two cents
A branch broke and I fell on a picket fence 
I'm stuck and they're coming to get me 
Rip myself off and I took my lungs with me 
I'm stuffing them back in 
Fuck! They won't go back in 
Now my life's gettin' dense 
Cuz my heart's still beating on a wooden fence 
They shoot me up and down 
Thinking thinking thinking clown 
Wicked wicked wicked clown 
You wanna know all about a wicked clown I never had it made...