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Artist: Insane Clown Posse/Twiztid/Blaze/Myzery
Album:  Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin'
Song:   Skrilla 4 Rilla
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 (Violent J)
"Come on bring it, come on, come on"
Skrilla for Rilla, money aint a thang
Cables, links, ropes and chains
Skrilla for Rilla, money aint a thang
Suade, leather, gators and cains
Skrilla for Rilla, money aint a thang
Superfly hoes wit' a nose for g's
Skrilla for Rilla, money aint a thang
Black trucks rollin' on triple gold D's

 (Violent J talking)
"Rydas...for life...bitch" (gunshot)

 (Monoxide Child)
Skrilla's for Rilla, money's everything
Smack you and your bitch for a dollar and some change
Lookin' strange, mean-muggin' in 'da back of 'da club
I'm hangin' out, gettin' drunk wit' my nigga Tom Dub
Hoes showin' mad love, (yea yea!)'cuz the money be right
I'm outta sight wit' the diamonds bright foo
Slap a bitch and i'm in it for free
But believe 'dat all the money's commin' wit' me, what?
 (Jamie Madrox)
I've been spendin' cheddar since it jingled in my pockets
Programmed my mind since birth, obtaining profit
Yea i got it, $1, $5's and $10's
No, high denominations won't fly by the fed's
Still I got the flow safe
Wit' more Benji's then the sugar in your cupcake ass so tell a freind Wait, You can tell'em, I stay green like Willie
Skrilla for Rilla, my nigga tell me can you feel me?

Mother fucker can test, when i'm heavy in the stress
pack a Glock in the vest, and the Skrilla's what I quest
In the passenger side of the Navi
Right behind the Black Caddy, rollin' deep, all these bitches lookin' at me
Shinin', float some diamonds
Now that i'm in the mood to bump these sounds louder that the cop sirens
Move the keys from over-seas, who can stop it?
To the streets, to these killas, to make the skrilla
 (Violent J)
I wanna bank the Skrilly for Rilly what the dilly? it aint silly
I'm tryin' to bank  like 30 or 40 milly
And be the big willy, wit' the flake deals
Fuck mowin' lawns, and servin' up Happy Meals
I fold my $1's in a knot, and slap my $50 on top
And front the bitches like "oh look what I dropped"
Bitch took it and broke, I had to laugh
And aimed at the back of her n blew it in half

I'm gettin' paid, cash money, cheddar cheese
Just picked up 8 pounds of weed
I'm gettin' Skrilla, that's the Deala, can you feala
True OG neiborhood cap peela?
Underground drug deala, with the 15 watts
And another Bentley parked outside
Fuck you bitch you'll still get jacked
Cuz' I always leave my mother fuckin' pistol packed
 (Shaggy 2 Dope)
Skrilla for Rilla foo', ima killa
Go off in your grill and run your pockets for your bills yea
Stackin' my chains, bag, cheese green and thangs
Lettin' my nuts hang jettin' down the line of Soul Train
Don Conelius and Clip, we got money plans
Me and my man, put our hands in no less than grass
Man! fuck this, i'm out to get paid
Clockin' $2 million for my peeps and to show, yea

 (Violent J talking)
"One for you, five for me, one for you, ten for me, one for you, twenty for me, Skrilla's for Rilla bitch, yea, yea...Rydas, insider's,Rydas, eatin' steak, what? home heatin' slida's