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Artist: Insane Clown Posse    
Album:  Forgotten Freshness    
Song:   I'm Not Alone
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I'm Not Alone

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Maggots can't fuck with the Shaggy
Cuz I got a crew, bitch
A crew like you aint never even known
Carnival freaks from the ghetto zone
All waiten for the day to put you in your place
I had the fat bearded lady sitten on your face
Bitch boy bitchy you might get hurt
Dead Carnival clown puttin in w-w-w-work
You think you the shit cuz you think you to the upper hand
But why don't you come and meet my boy, the strong man
And he'll grab you by the head and squeeze until it pops
And shake your motherfuckin neck until your head flops
Cuz I'm runnin with the beaoch your motherfucks
I'll make a voodoo doll of ya, and flick your nuts
See I was born because I kill like Carny Rukas
I came out the neden and started to choke ya motherfuckers
I leave the screw driver sticking half way out your dome
The worst part about is, I'm not alone

Chorus: Violent J (repeat 2X)

Jokers and freaks deep in the night
Thought I was a nerd but ya picked the wrong fight
J-J-J-Jimmy cracked corn but they don't care
They bust ya in the mutha fucken head with a chair

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
I'm a nerd, and all the bitches call me a nerdy geek
And they would love to stick their thumbtacks on my seat
And they would throw their split balls at the class freak
And everyone of them bitches died in there sleep
Cuz I fuck around with books and the severed barn
Crystal balls, black magic and jokers cards
And that night just when I'm feelin lonely
The clowns come to my bed and juggle for me
So don't fuck with the Shaggs cuz I cast spells
And don't come cryin to me when your tongue swells
I'm hangin with freak shows, like Crab Boy, Snake Boy,
Flipper and Scab Boy
And a man who can eat his own fuckin face
And then shit it out and screw it back into place
If you don't think so you can suck my bone
Cuz I tried tellin ya man, I'm not alone 

(Chorus 2x)

Well I like to hang with Tall Jess and Jump Steady
Nate The Mack , Violent J and Uncle Fredy
Chunky Mutha Fucky and Scott got my respect
But I really like to hang with old rubber neck
A freak show from the circus that you don't know
And I fucked the Lion Lady in the neden hole
And sometime she do an acrobatic flip on my nuts
And it feels so good
So tell your boys that they all a bunch of jump suckers
I walk around your neighborhood chokin motherfuckers
I used to be a fool but then the jokers got juice
Shit changed when I started hanging out with Zeus
And if you take me out you know I'm commin back again
With my homeboys Jack and the Cannon ManHe come flyin
out the barrel doin Mock 9
With his fist commin straight for your spine
Never fuck with the Shaggs cuz it's always ticken
I throw a curse and turn your ass into a chicken
So when you see me by my lonely in the ghetto zone
Mutha fucka better realize, I'm not alone

(Chorus 2x)

(old man)
Who's that (Jokers and freaks)
Who's there? 
No, stop it. 
Ahh, I can't stand it.
Ahh, go away. 
Leave me alone.
 No, no, ahhhhh.

(Chorus 2x)