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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Forgotten Freshness Vol. 4
Song:   Dear ICP
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Smack that bitch right across the lips
Cause she aint nothin but a filthy bitch
Beat the freak in the head with a cinder block
Blackin her eyes your lunatic tock
Cause I really dont gives a fuck
Except when I'm tryin to put her in the book
Shit I aint sayin nothin
Sombody left there load in her bellybutton
How you gonna say you love that
When her breathe be smellin like somonebodys nutsack
I outta smack you in your fucking head
Should of shot that bitch in the bag with nut stains
But you nothin but a pogo tryin to fall in love but you cant love a yoyo
She will run and fuck then come right back then I greet her at the door with a smack
Cause I'm psycho swingin till you hit her singin

I think yous a dumbass bitch
In a minute he aint even gonna want the shit
You needa shut your stuck up mouth
Cause your pussy aint worth the walk to your house
I'm tired of the dooky lies you know your dream about his ugly ass face between your thighs
Because you think it feels nice all he wants to do is smack your ass once or twice
And make your buttcrack jiggle and stick his little ding a ling in the middle
I suppose you can wait for a weddin but aint nothin wrong with givin up a little neden
But if you really wanna hold on to the couchy atleast let him stick his nuts in your booty
Or I'll wear somthin else out like maybe let him chill with his nuts in your mouth
But if not well thats alright because he will just fuck some other bitch tonight

2 Dope is the mother fuckin shit
You know what I'm sayin?
Bitches be linein up to get a glense of his nuts
And stick em in there butts
But only the nastyest uglyest southwest sewer skanks
be gettin doin the nasty with the mother fuckin shaggy

Roll up on your chocolate tie and smoke that shit until you die
Biggity puffin on the sess takin off her dress
Slap her titties up and down do they bounce? (yes)
Good get some redbull and pour it in her bootie hole
Did she yell what the fuck? (yes) you did it right
So turn the bitch over and punch her in the eye
Some bitches like this but I dont know why
But some will hit you back you must watch out for that
Cause if you with a gangsta bitch you aint gettin jack (aww)
How to keep your nut shh I have a secret
But if I'ma tell you youve got to promise to keep it
Get you some Faygo and pour it in a bowl
And let your nuts soak in it (what?) just kiddin (ohh)
That is all your lession for today
If you cant get it right yous a punk ass bitch!
Wicked klowns mutha fucker Violent J 2 Dope
Know what I'm sayin? check it mutha fucker
Nathan mack laylow...