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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Forgotten Freshness Vol. 5
Song:   The Great Show
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Legs Diamond]
We've got fun houses, murder-go-rounds
house of horrors and wax museums
Tunnels of loves, terror wheels, house of mirror, and killing fields

[Violent J]
Aaaawwwww shit bum biddy bum
I'm Violent J and I'll fuck your mom
And I'm leading this spectical into your town
We got magic and voodoo and WICKID CLOWNS!!!
Most people don't like these juggalos
You can take these nuts and juggle thoes
If your scared sleep with ur parents under the covers
I'll hacksaw duggon you motherfuckers
We got bitched with bearded faces
Hunchback acrobatic mental cases
Serial nursing psychopathic
And little red men with hatchets CHOP!!!
In Detroit we do t blood or crip
But that don't mean I won't bitch sneak that lip
We got clown love people love down since birth
Welcome to the greatest show in earth

[Chorus x2]
Everyone come see the greatest show
Go tell everybody that you know
So came and be down with the clown
The magical dark carnivals in town

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
I'm Shaggy 2 Dope and I don't give fucks
I out out lady's out in front of Mac trucks
I'll pick your daughter up whenever I need
Drop her off in the morning smelling like weed
Fuck gene Simmons and his drunk ass clique
And every other rock band that stole my shit
Jess real juggalos with the dead we dance
And I'll kick your add they your lether pants
M a wizard I throw wicked hexes
Nd make your but sack bigger than Texas
And as you cry at how fragile it gets
I'll stomp it and throw bricks at that bitch
I'm a circus sideshow faygo boozer
Fuck video shows and lalapalooza
We come from a world found under the dirt
To bring you the greatest show on earth


Everyone come see the greatest show, gather up all juggalos and roll [4x]

[Violent J (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
Legs diamond strokes on a chosen chord
Mike Clark puts it all thru his quigi board
Me and shaggy recite the forbidden passage
To tell you they comin for your bitch asses
(How can you tell that they out to get cha?
Look in the mirror see a clown there with ya
First you see em next second he's gone
That can only mean that it won't be long)
We pompon in still keepin it real
I put triple gold Daytons on Ferris wheels
Strap my carpet up to em and roll
You can tell I'm comin cuz I shakes the floo
(Tell your bitch ass mama she can suck my dick
If she got some kinda problem with my shit
It him can stop is nothin in this earth
You all witness the greatest show on earth)

[Chorus until the end]