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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Forgotten Freshness Vol. 5
Song:   Mind of Howard Stern
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

"People often wonder how two serial killers from Detroit
They call themselves the Insane Clown Posse
Became so rich and famous"
"Now you see here Howard Stern used to work radio in Detroit
Before he became a New York City big shot
Howard and the clowns go way back"

[Violent J]
I'm Violent J and I'm certified cold
Straight millionaire 23 years old
Dropped out of school to watch Price is Right
And I strange people at night, hahahahah
Look, everybody knows I'm a killer
Twisted murderer sick drug dealer
Or whatever
I never tried to hide the fact its true
But Howard Sterns a killer too (What?!)
Listen, I'm chilling at the Neck Chop Bar, right
Where us killers hang out at night
And in walks a man I've never seen before
He took the table by the door and signaled for the bartender
With a cold look on his face
I walked up and said "Hey you're in the wrong place!"
"Only murderers and killers are allowed here coward!"
He grabbed my neck and said

[Howard Stern]
"The names Howard"

Damn, it's Howard Stern the radio star
But this is a murderers only bar, sorry
And don't tell me you're a serial killer too
He said "Just between me and you. I'm an axe murderer on my off days, hell"
"I only do the radio thing cause it pays well"
Wow, damn, I never would have guessed
What do you say we go choke some necks? Come on

"So what most folk don't realize is 10, 15 years ago in Detroit
This Howard character was a axe murderer, plain and simple
Mr. movie book big shot big time was a bad boy
The clowns were the only ones that ever knew this"

[Violent J]
Together, we killed about fifty
Until he got a radio job in New York City
Good luck, a hand shake on the curb
Oh, about the killer thing, moms the word
Years later, I'm trying to make it in Hip-Hop
But every damn record that I make is a flop
And here's Howard's face everywhere I turn
Movies,books, Stern, Stern, Stern!
Damn! He don't even know we's friends anymore
We used to kill people together, oh
And that's when I called him [ring]
Suppose I go to the press with this killer thing?

[Howard Stern]
"No you wouldn't, besides you can't prove me"

[Violent J]
Videos, pictures, come on? Home movies
Howard I could take you down and you know this

[Howard Stern]
"What do you want from me?"

[Violent J]
Put us on your big radio show
And play my LP and tell them you love me
We made a deal next day and he did it
Next thing you know we went gold in a minute (hahha)
And everybody loves ICP
Except the 17 million trying to kill me
It's all good but the world may never learn
What really goes on in the mind of Howard Stern...