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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Hell's Pit
Song:   24
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[Verse - Violent J]
ALL NIGHT - find me, robbin' your jewels
Settin' fires, damagin' and breakin' into schools
IN THE DARKNESS - it's much easier to be heartless
Break the window out the Lincoln, and screwdriver-start this
Muggin' people, droppin' on 'em from street lights
Stab 'em with garden tools or beat 'em with pipes
So don't come out, stay inside cozy and tucked
And if I'm breakin' in, your old lady's gettin..FUCKED!

[Verse - Shaggy 2 Dope]
ALL DAY - car jacks, get out the van
As soon as they step out I pop 'em anyway, BLAAM!
I rob liqour stores with a little 22 hold
I know it's nothing but it's something when it's bustin' at your nose
SUNNY DAYS - I hit up the beach with cleats on
And stomp bitches in they ass tryin' to tan in they thongs
ALL DAY - see me fuckin' hookers at truck stops
And then I kill em, 'cause that's where my buck stops

[Verse - Violent J]
ALL NIGHT - I'm wicked and I got the power
Blood sheds on the wall during the witching hour
IN THE DARKNESS - see me ride by in an Impala
Draggin' some fuck ass by the foot and hear him holla
IN THE NIGHT TIME - I'll take what's rightfully mine
I'll run through emergency rooms and sever life-lines
Fuck the limelight, I'm the one I need to impress
With a double dip swingin' ax chop to your chest!

[Verse - Shaggy 2 Dope]
ALL DAY - I'm sellin' coke laced joints to little kids
I'm a clown in a milk truck handlin' biz
IN THE SUNSHINE - I been known to take shots at the po
I'm in the bushes with the camoflouge on and rifle scope
ALL DAY - I'm wicked, I keep it horrifying
Axe murdered some kid and his dad kite-flying
I knocked the fuckin' mailman out on the grass
And burned holes in his face with the magnifying glass

[Verse - Violent J]
ALL NIGHT - I fly like a vampire bat
Murder people tellin' stories where the campfire's at
I shot the motherfuckin' sheriff and his deputy rookie
WHEN IT'S DARK OUT - I hit the streets in the shadows and grab yo's
And boogie the woogie and stab hoes
Don't even gimme a pound when you see this clown
You gettin' cut the FUCK up and chopped the FUCK down!

[Verse - Shaggy 2 Dope]
ALL DAY - catch me picknickin' with bitches in the park
Right before I icepick 'em in the heart
24-7, if it ain't us, it's somebody gettin' bloody
Wicked clowns ain't the only ones nutty buddy
CATCH ME..TONGUE KISSING - a severed head
Catch me burying another bitch dead behind the shed
It doesn't matter, night or day, all around the clock
Violent J and Shaggy CHOP! CHOP!! CHOP!!! CHOP!!!!