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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Hell's Pit
Song:   Angels Falling
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[Verse - Violent J]
I climbed up the tree in the back and got on my roof top
With my 22 it's hot with little pops
Started bustin' off shots aimin' all at the sky
I emptied out the gun bustin' all at the sky
Then I went and stole the bow and arrow from my dad
To the arrow tips I tied gasoline soaked rags
Climbed up with the Zippo, lit 'em off in the sky
A trail of black smoke leading off in the sky
I bought some Chinese stars from the Kung-Fu surplus
They had 'em under the glass, I made the purchase
Climbed up and I whizzed 'em off in the sky
Even stood up on the chimney, whizzed 'em off in the sky
Then I found a double barrel with shells at Wal-Mart
I threw it in next to the Faygo in my shopping cart
I got home, climbed up and blew it off in the sky
3:20 in the morning, bustin' off at the sky
I got a blow gun too, a real one at that
I dip the tips in poison, lay up on my back
And now they're piercing through the air straight up into the sky
It's like the only thing you hear is *pffew!* into the sky
I bought a harpoon off the Internet and went up
And tried to shoot it but the fuckin' rip off, it got stuck
I said "fuck it" and I threw the spear up into the sky
As fuckin' hard as I could, I threw it into the sky
I'm sprayin' mace up there, I throw M-80s up there
I'm shootin' everything I got, I sit and wait in my chair
Because I hate the sky above, whether moon or sun
Whether rain or snow, since the pain begun
I'm tryin' to aim for the Heavens up into the sky
Tell me why the love of my life had to die?
How's she gonna leave me and not even say bye?
I know that she's an angel and they're lettin' her fly
Every plan I thought we made together was a lie
She could of hung on, I bet she didn't even try
She left me dry, and that no one can deny
And when she fall from the sky, I'm askin' her why

[Hook - Girl & (Violent J)] - x8
Angels are falling!
Angels are falling!
Falling angels!
(Come crashing down to the floor
Won't stop 'til I get the one that I'm looking for)