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Artist: Inner City Posse (D-Lyrical and Violent J) *
Album:  Intelligence and Violence
Song:   Violent J's The Mack
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* later known as the Insane Clown Posse

Yo Baby Violent J's the Mack
Hoe trick bitches I love you all
Cuz I drill threw your neden like a god damn chainsaw
I last a while, and when I finally nut
It'll come out your ears and shoot out your belly button
I'll wine you and dine you and when we's in the sack
Put my shoulder on your stomach and put my foot on your back
Right leg stuck to the wall with super glue
Then I start strocken like a Chinese Kangaroo
I tie your leg to the motha fuckin bed post
Insert my ding-a-ling and your howlin like a ghost
Violent J's the Mack
Yo Baby Violent J's the Mack
I do back flips, like an acrobat
And then slap you in the face with my nutsack
Cuz I work ya like a Chinese show gun
Bring your Great Grandma and that'll be more fun
Cuz age, ha, got no standards
I'll show my scrotum sack to inocent bistanderds
I'll tie your legs together, behind your head
Then do you like the Skipper on my water bed
I once fucked a girl with 3 titties
2 Pussies 6 booties in the inner city
Yeah I'll never forget that hoe
Cuz I spread her frog legs and fucked her with my big toe
Yo Baby Violent J's the Mack
Violent J's the Mack
I nut in you like a cream filled Twinky
Have you bendin more ways then a motha fuckin slinky
Neden to me is a joke
Because I work 'em so hard they start to smoke
Violent J's the Mack
HAHAHA Violent J's the Mack
Cuz Violent J's the Mack
Work 'em like a wolf when he's wolfin out
But you'll get slamed if the hoe aint puttin out
Cuz baby if your a trick ass hoe
Tell ya what baby doll, come see uncle Joe
Cuz I'm the Mack
Violent J's the Mack
Yo Foreheads the Mack
Bright Lord's the Mack
O 3's the mack
Violent J's the Mack
Joe Bruce the Mack
I'm the Mack
I'm the Mack
Quit Smokin crack jack
Cuz I'm the Mack
hahahahaha, Trick ass hoe