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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost
Song:   You Should Know
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You should know
You should know
You should know

[Violent J]
I'm reaching out to tell you
That I've always loved you
But my kind of love is bent
I put you through hell everyday
It's the best I could do
I never had a penny to spend on you
I come from the bottom at the bottom of the well
A place called shit just south of hell
It was there I learned how to treat a girlfriend
All my homies come first until the world end
In love and fucking I do different commodities
I love you but will fuck any hottie
And feel no fondness thing or guilty about it
Where I come from that shit is applauded
I fuck a chicken head, sometimes two
And come home and cuddle with you
Cause you're the one I choose to stay with
And your heart is something I play with

[Chorus x2]
You should know
I just wanted yo come clean before I take your hand
You should know
You should know
That I'm sorry

[Violent J]
I love you but I love to hurt you
I hate to see you cry
It's just the way that I work you
I need to put you in check, you know the deal
I need to test you to see if your love is real
I never laid a hand on you, I won't ever
My psychological torture is much better
At the end of the day I try to make it all up to you
Treat you like a queen, like the first week I knew you
Repeat this cycle every 2 days
As time goes by I think of new ways
And I'm here to tell you, your best friends a ho
We were all drunk and I fucked her like a year ago
She'll never tell you cause she came on to me
We both got it out of our system
It had to be, but still when the smoke clears I'm all yours
You're my women the rest of these ho's are whores

[Chorus x2]

[Violent J]
I truly loved you the best way that I could
I cheated and lied many times with that understood
I never claimed I would be your mister right
When we first met I was mister tonight
That's who I am sorry that I couldn't provide
We lived off your paychecks
And your ride so if you wanna leave me
I'll understand, I just wanted to come clean
Before I take your hand