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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  The Mighty Death Pop
Song:   Forever
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This life is tricky, mean, and strange
You can only be sure about one thing: change
For worse or for better, maintain
Catch wisdom, try to gain brains
In my life, I've seen a lot come and go
Like a non-stopstop fashion show
Very little shit lasts forever
And just because shit's new, it ain't better

I wanna be with Shaggy and Billy, my dogs, for life
And I pray that'll never change every night
I said never again, and then I did it, and did it again
I can't pretend, I won't lie, yo, I've lost control
And it's a scary endeavor, I got it together
But it took forever, now I want forever
To be just like this, the shit I wish

Truth is, happiness is in your own head
How you perceive shit, believe it is
It's all you, some of us sad fools
Can't help it, living in a bad mood
Shit hurts, and then it only gets worse
They don't get it, not even the experts
But trust me, it won't last forever
You hit bottom, shit finally gets better

Some don't need bank to laugh
And live on the bright side whatever the path
When you hit 40 or 50, that shit's half
Enjoy youth, cause that you don't get back
Forever revolves around you, that's your time
I'm living in mine too
How much positivity are you blind to?
You only live once, I'll remind you

None of that good shit lasts forever
But you just might like the new changes better
It's funny how we adapt and keep it together
As the months roll by, seasons and weather

But when it all shuts off, whoo, The Death Pop
And that will be the day your forever will stop
And til then we experience these emotions
With pink sky highs, lows deep as oceans

I wanna see you and me last forever
Loop this life up, and end it never
And live through the ages, the lows, the stages
And never let them close the pages

To find piece of mind is impossible
Forever is plagued with obstacles
So we make the best of good times
We stuck on play, we can't rewind

We just wanna see us all together
After forever, off in Shangri-La

Off in Shangri-La