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Artist: Insane Clown Posse f/ Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys)
Album:  Psychopathics from Outer Space Part 2
Song:   Out There 
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The wicked clowns, and Bushwick Bill are lost in space
Out There, Out There, Out There

[Verse One: Violent J]
The car broke down and she was like.. 
Honey, get the flashlight, still one in the dash right?
Only cause it's late at night, and who knows what's out there?
She was right though, ain't gonna help with a light though
People dying tonight, cause yo, this maniac is out there
I'm hanging like a possum, murder tricks, I got some
Spot them, look come around to the bottom
And slaughter them, out there
His boo was locked up in the car, an the phone and tripping hard
Screaming fuck that bitch was scurried, there's a killer out there
Cut that crying shit off, I cut you, die, I get off
I'm crawling up on the car
Trying to rip the moon roof lid off, out there
Bitch turned the wipers on, hazard lights and blew the horn
I smashed with my axe, and pulled her to the lawn, out there
She kicked me hard, to the grill
With one of them, Doc Martin heels
Murderers, you know how that feels
Your lip be out there
Time to die, close my eyes, swung and felt a thump
I done spilt her head in half like a tree stump, out there

Don't you dare go out there, ain't no telling what lies out there
Don't you dare go out there, ain't no telling what can happen
Don't you dare go out there, ain't no telling what lies out there
Don't you dare go out there, late night killers might be stabbing

[Verse Two: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Lights on in the house, but it's dark outside
You can even close one eye, look bitch, I'm out there
Camp fire lit, boy Scout meeting's, they talk of me
Even they leaders got memories of me, I'm out there
Forensic scientists try to finger me out
But I'm too quick for their Sheriff's stupid asses
I'm still out there, pull up all your road blocks
I'm running through them's in my socks
Silently taken out all cops, one by one, I'm out there
Leave their bodies, in the street
Continue on my murder spree, they can believe all my heat
When I pull it out there, break up into the Zoo
Dress up in a monkey suit
Sticking up families for their loot, my brain, is out there
Handy with an ice pick, pull it out and use it good
In and out your temple, blood is squirting all out there
I'm the urban legend, you heard at your college dorm
Jump out and squeeze your vocal cords
When you out there


[Verse Three: Bushwick Bill]
Some where out there, a remnants of Bushwick
My mind loads clips, at your block and leave you stuck bitch
A psychopath, with a clasp and a black ski mask
Leave you in body bags, for a news flash
I might be small, but I got big balls
Write my name on the wall, with bloodstains after the brawl
Evil thoughts, run deep in my brain, I'm sick and deranged
So picture the pain, flowing in my veins
Yeah I'm sick, I'm sicker then Hitler
My gat spit streak motherfucking forbidden scriptures
Niggaz run from a gun, forgetting they can't
I drag a Mossberg, cause it won't fit in my pants
I run up in your ride, it's parked and, it's darken
Jump out your glove compartment, sparking
The shit that I do, make many faint
Dead saint, turn your blood into candy paint