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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Psychopathics from Outer Space
Song:   Old School Pervert
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If I licked your pussy
Would you suck my dick?
I got you moanin like the bitches in the porno flicks
Pull your panties to the side so I can dig you out
Cause I'm the old school pervert 
You know what I be all about
I'm lookin for a girl with some fat lips
And some nice hips
A honey dip to come equipped with some big tits
Baby you're the bomb 
And I heard your pussy's sweet like candy
And you be havin niggas down to be down like Brandy
Well what I wanna know are you a freak?
Can we bust a 6 9 in my back seat on the creep?
Move, what I gotta prove girl? 
You heard the song your pussy is my weakness
And I'm feelin cock strong
Like He-Man, so who do I be man?
You callin me sick
But you're the one that's tongue kissin your girl
After she sucked my dick
Playin role games, when my dick swang
I'll be Indiana Bones in the Temple of Poontang
Fuckin that cunt like a maniac
Steamin up my back windows of my '86 Pontiac
Afrodisiac, spanish fly in your drink
By 10 o'clock at night I'll be fuckin you on the sink
I can tell you're cummin by the way you scream and moan
I bet you dream about fuckin when you be all alone
But now I'm with ya, unleash emotions of ecstacy 
Cause you with the old school P E R V E R T

(Chorus x2)
Every bitch wants to be fucked
Every nigga wants his meat sucked
And if you're lying y'all just touch and front

I see you discriminate on asshole and pussy's the same
I fuck the gangsta bitches, preppy hoes, and all the plain jane's
It don't matter if you're black, white, red, or brown
Cause I got enough dick to spread around the town
To the little yellow girls with the slanted eyes
I wrap a bowl around my dick and then I yell surprise
And to the sista's, and to the sista's 
I love it when you shake that ass and say
Mista mista Bones you do it like nobody can
That's right honey I'm the pervert man
I have you grabbin on your ankles and spreadin your toes
Cause I'ma fuck ya till you get a bloody nose
White hoes, I loves ya cause you be so sneaky
Pullin yo panties down tryin to get freaky
Fingering your pussy cause you know that's what I like
Girl you gettin fucked tonight that's right
To the pretty Arab girls in the super market
I love to lick your pussy floatin on a magic carpet
To the romantic bitches fuckin on beaches in the sand
I'm like M&M I cum in your mouth not in your hand
Long lastin like a Duracell at the motel
I won't tell if you don't tell
Watch my dick swell, and give a couple licks like a lollipop
Cause I can't and I won't stop till I see your panties drop
Then I drop my load like a washin machine
Then I'm on my way to find another pussy to please

(Chorus x2)
Every bitch wants to be fucked
Every nigga wants his meat sucked
And if you're lying y'all just touch and front 

Is there a profilactic cause I don't be no idiot
I ain't tryin to get sick or pull no silly shit
But let's get back to the story
I'm bustin nuts in the morning glory
I can't afford a shorty 
I can barely support me
So now you know the deal
I'm coming real
Can we leave this place?
And go back to your crib and you can sit on my face
I'll make you wetter than the ocean
And hot like the bahamas 
Cause I want you to sex me pretty mama
I'm tired of askin nice, I'm about to be blunt
How would you like my dick in your cunt?
I'll fuck you like you wanna be fucked
You can suck me like I wanna be sucked
Cause kissin and huggin ain't enough
And I know you like to fuck that way
I watch you sway to every song that the radio play
All I can say is I know you want it
You really want it, and if you ain't gonna give up the ass
Please don't flaunt it, don't flaunt it
Cause that would make you a frontin hoe
Really though if you put a quarter in my pocket 
I'll give you a freak show
To the freaky hoes if S & M is your game
I got body oil, riding props, handcuffs, whips and chains
I'ma do da do it everyone of you and you
I'm the old school pervert baby I thought you knew

(Chorus x6)
Every bitch wants to be fucked
Every nigga wants his meat sucked
And if you're lying y'all just touch and front