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Artist: Insane Clown Posse f/ AMB, DJ Clay
Album:  Whoop! (S)
Song:   Whoop!
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus X2]
WHOOP I cant get
WHOOP this wicked shit
WHOOP out my system
WHOOP and it ain't never quittin'

JUGGALO JUGGALO I don't wash my pants, I'm a SCRUBBALO
Bitch, this the wicked shit
Just bumpin' this'll get you a fat lip
Another card is comin'
Gettin' your guard or somethin'
Start runnin'
I break off into 6 mini ninjas
Cut through your neck across many inches
The bass rattle my balls I cant help it
Spit so hard on the mic I melt it
I'm legendary scary
Make the tooth fairy pussy hairy
Shoot you in the head
I'm Michigan military
Stick my boot up your dingleberry and marry
Bust you in the head with a hammer like tom and jerry
AMB and Clay with the 3 claw attack
Big J in the back
With the fully auto mac like

[Chorus X2]

I love the haters, they hate us cuz the shit we do is so fresh,
Underground, love n rep beneath the surface,
Runnin and keep it wicked with JUGGALO'S and 'LETTES,
Because we keepin it family till the fuckin death,
Blow the blow the roof off this bitch
If we WHOOP one more time then someones wig splits,
WHOOP like its easy WHOOP with AMBeezy,
WHOOP with ICP and DJ CLeezy
WHOOP its young wicked in the hatchet crew,
If my boys ain't down with a rapper I'ma clap 'em too,
Who the fuck could it be? OT
Hoes in the beat
Dead fallin' from the mic to my feet,
Ill beat yo head into the street
With no mask on the surveillance tape,
The cops got a good look at my face,
Holdin the sign with the mixtape release date

[Chorus X2]

Bone stub I spit that wicked blood
Flowin out my mouth as I do my thing and kick it
My steel I keeps it hella real
Head up I cut myself everytime I make the kill
Let the truth be told your girly loves it
Send her over, cuz I be like fuck it, I let her know
Chokin and stabbin her face like its nothin
Muthafucker I ain't frontin its murder lovin like
Throw your hands up if you aint JUGGALO
Burn a hole in the carpet when you hit the flo'
We WHOOP we roll, no need to ask questions
Turn on your local news top story at eleven
Make the world stop, dead on its axis
Hatchet swingin so fast make it spin backwards
Body count risin faster than your eye blink
We got the [?] and blood, you just added the ink

[Chorus X4]