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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Ryden Dirtay
Song:   Gangsta Shit
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Psychopathic Rydas up in that bitch ass, mutha fucka 
Trigga deep 
When you see us coming 
Turn the fuck around 
And get the fuck on 
Lil Shank 
Speak on these fools 

I drop gangsta shit 
With my gangsta clip 
And everybody on the otherside 
Suck my dick 
Now with my gangsta ways 
And gangsta walk 
I spit gangsta shit 
Everytime I talk 
Now what you mutha fuckas know bout a Ryda in black? 
Who be invested all his chedda on these trees and gats 
I got ammunition to bring the fuckin' drama whenever 
Who wanna talk shit, where it's at, bitch whatever 
Who wanna test me, simply get your wig pushed back 
Me and my four Ryda homies ready for the attack 
And if ya think we coming full 
You better grab your grip 
Cause Lil Shank and the Rydas 
On some gangsta shit (mutha fucka!) 
Rydas (WHUT!) 
Ryda (Whut!) 
Where you at y'all? 
We be dumpin out the cut 
It's all 
Gangsta Shit 
It's all gangsta shit, and we bangin to the game and we hates to quit 

Y'all bitch ass niggas actin' like you know a mu-fucka 
Rydin' n fuckin' my shit 
Bitch I'ma thug 
Bitch, this shit 4 life mutha fucka 
Bullet, let these mutha fuckas know somn 

Look at my craw 
It's like bump bump bumpin' 
Psychopathic Ryda 
Dump dump dumpin' 
Jump jumpin up 
Everybody's runnin' 
King Kong Ryda Daddy 
Bullet still is comin 
Strummin on traps 
Crushin' on hearts 
Can I be at one from a Ryda, dogg? (heeey) 
I don't respect your set 
Fuck your hood 
Fuck your baby mamma 
And ya know I could, bitch 
I leave you missin like Twin Gats 
Lost deep in a cave wit dem rats and bats 
My name is Bullet 
Soul gonna pierce your brain 
Sever your spine and leave your limbs dinglin' 
Dis is gangsta shit, this is all I know 
So when I show up, open the safe and hit the floor (Yayeah!) 


Man, for all you bitch ass niggas out there talkin loud 
Friendly (?) and sayin' shit 
Y'all need to do us all a mutha fuckin' favor 
Shut the FUCK UP 
Full Clip, fuck these niggas 

Dump (dump) 
Blaugh (blaugh) 
Whistle (whistle) 
Pop (pop) 
That be the Psychopathic Rydas on anotha cop 
And it don't stop, fizzle cleazay 
Sprung legs get popped with a swizzle greasy (?) 
Fo Sheezy 
We represents tha D 
East to the west side 
And everything in between 
We never seen 
Unless we in a dress code 
Hoods and black trunks 
Foot thick bank rolls 

We the hardest clique 
Kickin' gangsta shit 
Any bitches that oppose 
Can eat a fat dick 
I'm out fo the money 
So bitches better freeze 
And when we on yo block 
Don't even call the police 
Fool, I get out the corner 
Pull the heat from my waist 
Cock the hammer back and let one go in yo face 
And leave yo mutha fuckin body lyin on the floor 
And wait with the rydas to end with the law 


From Chicago's south side 
To one block south central 
All of that shit, on and on 
We want it all 
The underground 
The overground 
Fo Fo, come wit it man. 

Bitch, you ain't heard? 
Rydas don't die 
Fo Fo representin' 
Smokin' choke and stayin' high 
All you ho's get your hands up 
Put your petty cash up 
The Rydas want the safe 
And all the shit under the mattress 
Drop, get on the floor 
Don't make me have to get yo ho's 
Cause if I do they'll find your body in another time zone 
Mind blown with this gangsta shit (gangsta) 
Have your whole block blown ta bits 
Then fuck your bitch 
I'm on some thug shit 
On the corner, hustle sell drug shit 
Rydin' with my homies 
Bustin' shots at punk ass kids (riiiii) 
Ain't nobody game like us 
We love to bust 
We love da rust 
And watch you blood guts 


Yea bitch, a real motha fucking gangsta 
That's some real gangsta shit, mutha faacko 
That's Bullet, Fo Fo, Full Clip, L'il Shank, and I'm Cell Block 
Psychopathic mutha fucka 
Detroit's, infamous, Psychopatchic Rydas 
BACK...10 feet deep up in that bitch ass 
Fo Fo, Cell Block, L'il Shank, Full Clip, and Bullet 
Ryden Dirty, mutha fuckaaaaaaa! 
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