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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Ryden Dirtay
Song:   There It Goes
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Give it time man
I'ma be alright
It's fucked up
I'ma be alright
At least I got my rydas, tho

There it goes
Anotha casket dropped unda
In the midst of the rain and thunda
And I wonda
About that watchin' this risk
And why I didn't take that bitch
Anotha funeral
Third night this week
Everybody and they mamma catchin' slugs in the street
I know the reverend by name
He's like Bullet
It's your turn ta run ta Burger King

Mamma told me I had three strikes in life
When I was 18 I got a job at Mike's
Car wash
The place where the bitches be
Till I got mad and slapped Mike and his homie
They called the pig
Then they called my Pop's
I pissed on the vacuum in the back of the shop
It broke on out
Now the cops is on my tail
Cherry on the bitches (?)
If a nigga only fail (?)

Chorus x2:
I'ma Be (Alright)
I'ma Be (Alright)
I'ma Be (Alright)
I'ma Be Alright, but (There it goes)

I coulda been a doctor
Maybe even a president
Instead I slang dope
In a crackhouse resident
Raised in the strip
By pimps and O G's
Rock a girl with ADIDAS
Till the age of 13
Till I caught by the pigs
Slangin' bags and such
Had every last dopehead
Ridin' my nuts
Felt like I was on top of the world
What a head won't do for the bag of a white girl
I had T.V's and VCR's
Stereo systems and stolen cars
More throwaways in the bottom of the river
When I was hungry
Crackheads brought me dinner
I kept Trumph on my bankroll
If I met a fine bitch I'd put her on the stroll
Everything was straight till they raided my spot
Now a nigga on the run and the fever gettin' hot

Chorus x2

Where my one good last thing at
Used ta flippin' money on hos
Now it's smack
You should be a Ryda
Heh, picture that
Now where the fuck's my pipe
For the crack
No more hatchet rydas got my back
Got me a penetrate in my black Cadillac (AHHH)
There it goes
Or it seems
Until I woke up from my...

Dreamin' of the money and the cars
Ho's in the strip bars
Now I'm all alone
To buy a couple fallin' stars
On the bottom of the barrel
Lookin' for a hookup
And when it's all done
I watch everyone book up fast
Spendin' all my money
People hate my ass
And now I'm really out of cash
Keep your money and your friends tight
Leave dem ho's
Or you can wave it all bye nigga there it goes

Chorus x4

Oh an one more thang
I'ma be alright tho
I got my rydas wit me