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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  Ryden Dirtay
Song:   Thumpin
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Bare knucks baby we been to get our swang on
Old school goin down be some great fun
Look at my knuckles I'm missin 3 humps
That's from bustin heads on chumps
I'ma tell you like this (tell em!)
You don't win, cuz I'll break yo neck when I rock your chin
Don't take much for me to get 'em up
Mean mug
Shoulder shrug
And don't try me with the kung fu shit
Cuz I'll smack your fuckin head with a cue-stick
Could be I aint the greatest to rap
But I'll damn sure crack your face up, believe that!
Haters and instigators
Don't test me
One throat punch will cave your chest piece
And it aint no law to the dump (yeauh!)
25 rydas... ready to jump (yeauhh yeauh!!)
if you dump but aint down wit the hatchet
its mandatory law, that you catch it
it all starts when I sting the eye
and then everybody jumps in, (haa haa!)

Chorus x2
Gangsta you don't want none

What you want homeboy?
Meet me in the street
And anybody else in this bitch who got beef
We the ryda clique FOOL
And we love to fight
Foe foe! Beat a motherfucker down on site
Get you jaw broke hoe cuz you talk outa turn
I'll have you sippin outta straw for a couple of months
For a little bit of fun.. (yeauuuh yeauhhh!)
Fight you two on one..
Knock you out and watch your homeboy run (beyyotch!)
Mean mugging aint a friend of mine
And if you looking at me wrong imma bust you in the eye
Leave you head wide open with a broken nose bitch
You shoulda known trick, this aint no hoe shit!

Ryda hands up bitch
You wanna come test me?
Keep flappin your jaw and get it broke quickly
Just like I leave
Sting like a bee
Before you get up
Knock you out your seat
? after 10 leave you body on the pavement
cop grab me
so I'm getting 3 kicks in
I'm a killa
Tonight I'm steady stompin
Takin any mothefucker out from here to Brooklyn
Brain damage the sucka half retarded
Step on up be the first to get it started
Bitch I'm a nutcase all about thumpin'
Make me stop a nigga and I'm still straight dumpin'!

Chorus x2

Bitch if I knuckle up
Somebody getting fucked up
I'm wiring jaws and mouths shut
Swingin on you with the ?
Guard your grill I'm blowin out your chestses
My suggestion is swing back or get beat
Ive been known to knock a nigga off his feet
You drinkin all that drank?
And talking all that flak?
Now come come outside and get your motherfuckin ? ?ed
Shakin like a bitch
Reaching for your heat
While my homeboys stompin your fok up in the street
If you talking all that shit looking to start somethin
Me and my dawgs been down for straight thumpin'!

We bopin 'em directly on your chin
Knockin fools out pick 'em up knock 'em out again
Slugs and thugs go fallin to the floor
feet start scuffling movin for the door
and here comes foe foe drawn back with a ?
hit the bitch so hard made a mans leg shake
WOO WOO! That be the battle call
Staright north coke, fuck a southern drawl
Do that thang, some eyes got swolled
Looked down it was SIX OF THEM HOES
Punk motherfuckers better recogonize 5 rydas..